Sunday, September 20, 2009

Round 1: Monty 3

Round 1: Monty 3
Dating for Dummies
Bianca Monty is single and ready to mingle, but first she needs to get Kent Capp out of her system. Let's see how Bianca is doing...
Landlord: Just sign on the dotted line, little lady, and the place is all yours.
Bianca: Thank you! This is my first apartment, and I'm very excited. My brother speaks very highly of your building.
Landlord: That's right, you're kin to the folks in Unit A. You and Antonio are Patrizio Monty's kids, right? I'm sorry to hear about his passing.
Bianca: Thanks. It's hit the family very hard.
Landlord: Well, don't you worry, Miss Bianca. You've got the best landlord in Veronaville, if I do say so myself, and your neighbors are mighty fine people.
Bianca: Well, thank you again. I'm sure this is going to be a great experience.
Me: Congrats on your new place, Bianca. You've been on your own for all of twenty minutes, and you're already inviting Kent over?
Bianca: This apartment symbolizes my new beginning. Kent is part of my old life and I need some closure to our relationship.
Me: What relationship? You're infatuated with him, and he barely knows you exist. I admit I'm baffled as to why. I'm surprised Kristen isn't running for the hills, either.
Bianca: Kristen?
Me: Oops! Uh, yeah, Bianca I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Bianca: We'll talk later, Kent is here.
Bianca: Kent, hi. I'm glad you could come. Congratulations! You're my first official visitor.
Me: What am I, chopped liver?
Me: Whoa! Bianca, what are you doing? This is not what "getting closure" means.
Bianca: Kent, I'm sorry, I thought this is what I wanted, what I needed, but I can't do this.
Kent: I understand, Bianca. I was an idiot to let things go this far. Your dad just died. I didn't mean to take advantage.
Bianca: Kent, I love you, but I know you're not in love with me. I need to be with someone who wants all of me. I'm sorry, but I can't see you anymore.
Me: You weren't seeing him in the first place, you delusional woman.
Kent: Ok, Bianca, you're right. I should go now.
Me: What, not even a "Can't we still be friends?" Nice, Kent. You're lucky you can't hear me right now.
Me: Bianca, don't do it!
Bianca: Don't do what?
Me: Don't become the crazy, old cat lady.
Bianca: I'm not getting Zeus and Hera to fill a void. I want to breed kittens. I hope to open up my own pet shop eventually.
Me: Oh, I guess that's okay, then. Zeus and Hera? Cute.
Me: Here's Zeus all grown up.
Me: And here is Hera.
Me: Bianca wastes no time in sending Zeus and Hera off to get working on those kittens.
Me: Ah, Bruce is here. Excellent, Bianca. This is what is meant by "moving on."
Bianca: Bruce, I'm glad we've gotten the chance to get to know each other better.
Bruce: Me too, Bianca. Who would have ever thought that a parent fix-up could actually work?
Bianca: Having you in my life has meant so much since my father died.
Me: Uh-oh. Danger Will Robinson!
Bianca: You're so much like him. I guess it's true that a girl grows up to marry her father.
Bruce: Er, marry?
Me: Ix-nay on the ather-fay
Bianca:You are so kind, Bruce. I can see us becoming best friends forever.
Me: Doh!
Bruce: *disappointed* Oh, so you just want to be friends?
Bianca: No! Bruce, that's not what I meant. Look, I'm not very experienced in this dating thing, but I like you and would like to see where this relationship goes.
Bruce: I'd like that too.
Me: And your relationship has led right to the couch. Rushing things much?
Bianca: Bruce, this may sound crazy.
Me: Coming from you? Perish the thought!
Bianca: Would you like to move in?
Bruce: I'd love to.
Me: Um, for once, I think I'm going to let the cat destroy the couch. Nice kitty!
Bruce is the second townie to join the playable ranks! I had pictured Bianca as someone who would wait for marriage, but ACR blew that out of the water!  As soon as Kent came over they headed for the bed, but they didn't actually woohoo. They only made out. That's why I came up with Bianca's speech to Kent. The couch thing was also ACR, but Bianca and Bruce did go all the way. I guess she really has gotten over Kent.

On another note, I looked all over TwoJeff's site, but I couldn't find ACR 2.0. Does anyone have a link? Did he implement the autonomous engagement and autonomous marriage?\

Only one more lot to go in Veronaville! The Summerdreams are up next. Stay tuned...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in Business

Hey, everyone. My PC has recovered from the virus, and I will embark on the arduous task of reinstalling the game tonight.

The Bianca Monty post will be up sometime this weekend, but I wanted to bring some other site updates to your attention. The neighborhood directories have been revamped to only show the sims' ages, aspirations, LTWs, and relationships. While it was nice having all of the skill and personality detail about the sims, it was a pain in the butt to keep up to date. I'm far more interested in how the sims relate to each other, so I will only be tracking that info going forward. So far, the complete directories of Pleasantview, Strangetown and Veronaville (spoiler warning!) are up, and I hope to get the remaining hoods up in the coming weeks. I have also added a Townie directory. This directory only contains a picture and a short paragraph about each townie. A townie will have to win the heart of a playable to get full directory privileges!

Finally, I have updated my blog roll. Some defunct blogs have been removed. If you would like your blog added please post your link in the comments section. Sims 3 blogs are also welcome. I would love to have a link to all my commentators and followers!

That's all for now. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


So, I was uploading pictures to Photobucket this evening, and I got slapped with a virus. It's called Win32/Cryptor, and it's nasty. When I log on to my desktop PC with my account, the computer locks up and I can't do anything. Luckily, I have a second account on the machine that I am able to use. I'm in the process of cleaning this bugger up. This is so not how I was planning to spend my evening. My hubby is working late, so I was looking forward to a night of Simming and blogging. GRRRRR!! On the bright side, my data appears to be safe, so that's good news for the Megahood.

I just want to put out a warning to other blog authors to be careful when using Photobucket (or really any website with third-party ads). One inadvertent click can bring your PC much pain. BTW, I'm writing this from my netbook which will no longer be used to edit photos on Photobucket!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Round 1: Monty 2

Round 1: Monty 2
The "Ick" Factor

Widower Antonio Monty is ready to test the dating waters. Meanwhile, twins Beatrice and Benedick are on the cusp of teenhood and dealing with their own raging hormones. Let's see how the Montys are doing...
Antonio: I'm sorry you two have to share a room because I couldn't afford a bigger apartment, but Aunt Bianca will be moving in next door.
Beatrice: We love this apartment, Papa!
Benedick: Yeah, we found a rat in our bedroom. Can we keep him?
Me: Ooh, you could call him "Mr. Jingles."
Antonio: Uh-
Me: Since nothing else of note happened, let's fast forward to the twins' birthday. Happy birthday, Beatrice!
Me: Looking sassy.
Me: I love your aspiration and LTW. Let's see about your brother...
Me: Buck up, Benedick. It's your birthday!
Benedick: I have a right to be down. You've been misspelling my name.
Me: What? *checking notes* Dang! A thousand pardons. The spelling of my name gets managled all the time, so I try to be extra careful in spelling other people's names. Sorry, I goofed.
Benedick: So, you'll re-upload the photos and fix the spelling?
Me: What are you, crazy? Blow those candles out!
Me: You're a handsome young man.
Me: Fifty first dates! Well, I've never attempted that LTW before, so it should be interesting. You and the matchmaker are about to become very good friends.
Me: If you want fifty first dates, Benedick, you better get started. With fifty girls to chose from you're bound to find someone whose name starts with a B.
Benedick: I don't want to get married. I just want to date and have fun.
Me: Don't forget who's running the show here, Ben. Don Lothario didn't anticipate on settling down either. Anyway, lady #1 is Viola Owens. She's got your turn-ons, but her name doesn't start with "B", so she's out of the running for wife.
Benedick: Are you listening to me?
Me:*sigh* Antonio, you know this "relationship" with Kaylynn can't go anywhere.
Antonio: I know, but I haven't been with anyone since Hero died. Kaylynn makes me feel alive again.
Me: Interesting, I wouldn't have pegged you as being into the gearhead chicks. Kaylynn is kinda pretty though. If she makes it to playable status, a makeover will be in order.
Me: You two really are twins. You're smustling in perfect harmony and even have the same expression on your face.
Me: Kaylynn was also getting in on the smustling action. It's neat that she can learn hobby enthusiam even though she's not playable. She's just been invited to visit the Music and Dance lot.
Antontio: Titania, thanks for inviting the kids and me over for a pool party.
Titania: You're welcome to our home anytime, Antonio. Oberon and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to get our old and new friends together. I hope you enjoy yourself.
Oberon: Antonio, I am delighted you came. There's someone I want you to meet...
Oberon: Antonio, this is Aurora Akagi. Aurora is new in town. I thought you could show her the sites.
Oberon: You two have a lot in common. I'll leave you to get to know each other better. I'm sure we will all become the best of friends.
Aurora: Oberon has told me so much about you, Antonio. I hear you are an animal lover too. I would love to meet your pet rat sometime.
Antonio: Uh-
Antonio: Thanks for introducing me to Aurora, Oberon. I appreciate you trying to fix me up.
Oberon: You are a kind-hearted person, Antonio. My wish for you is that you can once again find the happiness you had with Hero.
Antonio: I'm starting to wonder if that kind of happiness comes around more than once, my friend.
Oberon: What do you think of Aurora?
Antonio: She seems nice enough, but I don't know. She was very interested in my rat.
Aurora: You're looking mighty dapper in that uniform, Oberon.
Beatrice: You are so tense, Benedick. What's wrong?
Benedick: I think Oberon had an ulterior motive for inviting us over.
Beatrice: Well, duh. He wants to hook Papa up with Aurora.
Benedick: It's more like he wants to unload Aurora off on Papa. Ah, that feels good, Beatrice. You've got magical fingers.
Me: Uh, Benedick, isn't it time for you to go on another date?
Beatrice: *glares*
Me: Lucy? No, that won't do. You're Pleasure, and she's Knowledge.
Benedick: Yeah, I'm not feeling much chemistry with her.
Me: Next!
Me: Lisa Brown? She's Lucy's best friend.
Me: Benedick! What are you two doing? You're babies!
Gypsy: Ah, Mademoiselle Monty. You are requesting a date for your brother, no?
Beatrice: No! I want my own date. That'll show him...
Me: Him?
Me: Adrian Sell is going to college with Angela Pleasant. Don't expect much from this, Bea.
Beatrice: Is that the best you could do? He's not nearly cute enough.
Adrian: Hey!
Beatrice: I need someone really hot. That will get his attention.
Me: Who, Beatrice?
Beatrice: Not talking to you.
Me: You just did, Ms. Smarty Pants.
Me: Uh-oh. Looks like Romeo has been busted.
Mercutio: We've got to find a way to put Tybalt in his place, Benedick.
Benedick: Aren't you tired of getting your arse kicked, Merc? Look, if you want to get Tybalt, you need to hit him where it hurts.
Mercutio: I don't want to mess up his chance of having kids.
Benedick: I'm talking about his wallet, Merc. Money means more to Tybalt than anything.

Mercutio: Oh, right.
Benedick: Tybalt is planning to take over Old Man Capp's restaurant when he graduates college. I say we open our own restaurant and give him some competition.
Me: I think that's a great idea, especially since neither one of you has a career-related lifetime want.
Me: Romeo wasn't phased by his faux pas with Juliette and Desdemona. He still has Bottom.
Benedick: Look how Bottom is fawning all over Romeo! Honestly, what does she see in him, Beatrice?
Beatrice: *wistfully* Sometimes people are clueless and don't realize the perfect one for them is right under their nose.
Me: I have a feeling your dad is going to regret having you guys share a room.
Mercutio: This couch rocks.
I'm not even exaggerating the relationship between Beatrice and Benedict. They are constantly giving each other autonomous back rubs, hugs, and kisses. Even when they are visting someone else's lot, they seek each other out for interaction. I've never seen siblings behave like that. Very creepy!
Antonio and Kaylynn autonomously built up their relationship. And thanks to ACR they kept hitting the sheets.
Bianca Monty's lot is up next. Stay tuned...