Monday, May 28, 2012

What's going on?

Fan X: Snarky, you haven't posted in ages! How come?

Me: The short answer: Because I don't feel like it.  The long answer: I've been dealing with a lot of stuff. There is the ongoing situation with my mom and busyness at work, but my maternal grandfather passed away unexpectedly. He was my last living grandparent. I have also been dealing with my own health issue that requires most of my time.

Fan X: Wow, you've got a lot on your plate. At least you are having fun playing the game.

Me: Not really. I haven't touched the game in about three weeks. I am very frustrated about the direction EA is taking this franchise. I am not happy about Katy Perry's Sweet Treats at all.  I don't like real-life brands being mixed with the game. It's just a quirk of mine. I have also heard rumors that EP7 is about magic, and I was hoping for weather. So, I just don't feel inspired to play the game right now.

Fan X: So you are abandoning The Sims community?

Me: No, I am still reading some great blogs by fellow simmers. There's Mao's Aperture Valley, HTRootbeer's Twinbrook Fields, Orangeplumbob's Different Rain. And there's still some TS2 favorites, like Carla's Sullivan Sims.

Fan X: When are you going to update your own blogs?

Me: The short answer: When I feel like it. The long answer: With my health issue, I need to focus on reducing my stress. I beat myself up a lot about not posting regularly, so I have to stop doing that. I make no promises as to when the blogs are going to be updated. The Lazlos probably will not be updated anytime soon. I did finish playing through Sunset Valley for my Mega Maxis blog, so I'll get those posts up eventually.

Fax X:  You like to play games for fun. What are you playing now since you are not playing Sims?

Me: I'm still enjoying Civilization V. It's nice to play a game without having to worry about taking screenshots and blogging. And there's something deeply satisfying about dropping a nuke on Montezuma after a bad day.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Round 1: Wan 1 - No Hanky Panky

Me: Hiya, Pauline. Boy, have I been waiting to get to your lot!

Pauline: There is a baby girl on my floor!

Me: I know.

Pauline: Okay, I admit I don't always pick up on the subtleties, but I am pretty sure I gave birth to a boy.

Me: You did. The baby girl is Hank's daughter, Anna. I have moved Hank, Anna, and Hank's son, Patrick in with you and Joshua.

Pauline: Wait a minute! You're interfering. That's a violation of the rules!

Me: All I did is move them in. I'm not doing anything else. If you two decide to get together it will be of your own accord.

Me: Besides, Hank's living arrangements were a little creepy. He was living with Jamie Frio, her ex-husband, and her new fiance.  There was too much hearbreaking going on in that house. It's not a good environment for the kids, and I rather Hank raise his own kids. That reminds me. How are you two doing towards your lifetime wishes?

Me: Not bad, Pauline. You're fifty percent of the way there, with no help from me. What's the deal with dating Pablo, though? He's the biggest gigolo in town.

Pauline: We're just having a little fun, that's all.

Me: Yeah, "a little fun" is what brought Joshua, Anna, and Patrick into the world in the first place.

Me: Hank is doing well on his own, too. Man, look at all those broken hearts left in his wake.

Pauline: Wait a minute! He's a ahead of me? How is that possible?

Me: Your pregnancy probably slowed you down.

Pauline: But I was only pregnant for three days.

Me: I've seen Hank move-in, knock up, and move-out in the same day. You being out of commission for three days is a huge advantage. Anyway, Pauline. You're being rude. Why don't you greet your new housemates?

Pauline: How have you been, Hank? I see you've still been working out. Your muscles are even bigger than what I remember. And you've been getting some sun, Your tan looks awesome.

Hank: Why, thanks, Pauline. I've been working out with Jack Bunch and Xander Clavell. It's not the same as when we used to go running on the beach together, but I'm seeing results.

Pauline: You sure are! Yeah, we had some pretty good workouts on the beach.

Hank: The cool-downs were even better.

Pauline: Yeah, those were good times, but they are in the past. We've both moved on. Hank, we need ground rules is you're going to live here. I know she wants us to get back together, but I'm with Pablo now.

Me: Oh, please, like that is really going to last. And let the record show that you two were flirting autonomously with each other just now. I had nothing to do with it.

Hank: Pauline, I'm seeing other people too. No big deal. We're both single parents and good friends. Let's just help each other out.

Pauline: *reluctantly* Ok, but no hanky panky!

Me: Hanky Panky? That would be an awesome couple name for you two!
Pauline: *glares*

Me:  What I meant to say is that I'm glad you two can be mature adults about this.

Pauline: I'm still not happy with you. It's not fair of you to torture us like this.

Me: Torture you? If I wanted to torture you, I'd have you throw a party... and invite all your love interests and excuse me for a minute.

Me: You guys better get ready for your kids' birthday party!

It's triple birthday!

 Me: Happy birthday, Joshua! You look a lot like your mommy.

Anna's mom, Araceli Marcus, brings her to the cake.

And it appears Anna takes mostly after her mom, too.

But Patrick looks a bit like Hank. Patrick's mom, Kristine, is also a redhead, so he could have gotten his hair from her.

Me: Well you guys got through the party with no drama! I am impressed with all those love interests and exes running around that there wasn't a single fight.

Hank: Well, we were too busy trying to get the kids to their cakes to flirt with anyone.

Me: Good point. Anyway, you  guys make some pretty kids. I wouldn't mind seeing you make some together.

Pauline: Would you stop with that?

Me: Ok, ok, I'll be on my way now. Besides you've got three toddlers to skill up. Good luck with that!

Other SP Updates:

 Noemi and Zachariah got engaged in the last update, and now they are married.

LOL! Looks like Anne is trying to become a legitimate playable. Trust me, girl, Xander is not the way to go. Stiles McGraw is still available. I would forgive you, Anne, if you would get with him.

Harry and Sue broke up.

Probably because Harry is still a gigolo. Don't feel bad for Harry for long. He's already found another woman to take him in.

I've  given up on Jennifer. Some people are just addicted to toxic relationships.