Saturday, June 20, 2009

Round 1: Capp 2

Round 1: Capp 2
If Mama Ain't Happy...
After Goneril Capp and her family are unceremoniously evicted from the Capp Manor by Consort, they move into a small home in Veronaville. Can Goneril get back in her father's good graces? Will being in close quarters drive the Capp kids crazy? Let's see how the Capps are doing...
Albany: So, my pet, what do you say to us expanding our family?
Goneril: I don't think so, Albany. I've given birth to four children, so I've done more than my duty to the Capp legacy. It's Regan and Kent's turn to have children. Not to mention that I worked hard to get this body back in shape, and I'm not subjecting it to another pregnacy. Besides, look around you. If you haven't noticed, we aren't living in the Capp manor these days. Where would we put another child?
Albany: *dejected* You're right, my sweet. I was just being silly.
Me: Aw, poor Albie.
Goneril: Raising children takes a lot of work, Albany. They have to be bathed...
Goneril: ...and potty-trained....
Goneril: ...and taught to do their homework...
Goneril: ...and every now and then they want a party to celebrate their birthday. It's exhausting being a mother.
Me: Gee, Goneril, I don't know how you manage.
Goneril: Get on with it, boy. I have things to do.
Me: Happy birthday, Hal. Nice profile.
Hal: Thanks.
Me: So, what do you aspire to?
Hal: I want to follow in Grandfather's footsteps and excel in the business world.
Consort: I hear Goneril is dabbling in the Criminal underworld. She better be careful not to get caught by the police.
Albany: She doesn't have much choice since you've black-balled her, Regan, and Kent from all the area businesses. No one will hire her. How are we supposed to support our family?
Consort: My children should have thought of the consequences of their actions before they decided to control Fate.
Albany: I don't condone what they did, Consort, but be reasonable. We have to survive.
Consort: My daughter has made plenty of poor choices in her life, but marrying you wasn't one of them. I like you, Albany, and I don't want my grandchildren to starve. I'll tell you want I'm going to do. You can come work for me at the restaurant.
Albany: I've never managed a restaurant before, but I'm sure I will learn quickly.
Consort: I don't mean as a manager, Albany. Oh, no. I'm saving that position for Tybalt. You can tend bar and wait tables.
Albany: *crickets*
Me: This birthday party is a two-for-one special. It's time for Ariel to grow up.
Me:What a cute little girl! Her jammies bring out the green in her eyes. Time for an updated family photo...
Me: Congrats on your first kiss Miranda, and you even picked someone whose name starts with M.
Miranda: But he's boring as Hades. I'm only dating him because he's a Capp, and it'll piss off my mom.
Mercutio: Huh, what?
Me: Poor, Merc. Gee, you Capp women really know how to uplift your men.
Me: Albany, I see you took Consort up on his offer.
Albany: I had no choice. Our funds were getting low. This is degrading.
Me:Hang in there, Albie.
Ariel: I've seen Mommy leave the house wearing this black and white striped top. She says she's going to pick pockies.
Me: I think you mean pockets, Ariel.
Ariel: Miranda was outside kissing a boy. His name is Mer-koosh-ee-oo.
Me: Mercutio. Who are you talking to, Ariel?
Ariel: Grandpa. He wants to know how we're doing?
Me: Way to go, Consort. Teach her to be a snitch early on.
Ariel: What's a snitch?
Me: Never mind.
Me: Townie Virginia Wade came home from school with Miranda and thought it would be fun to play with the refrigerator. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling Goneril would not like that.
Me: Maurice Peau! This is one of my custom townies that I made to show off the nine shades of RenSim's Peau skintones. I'm hoping to add more genetic diversity to the neighborhood. I think Maurice is the darkest skin tone, and Miranda is S1. The Peau skins are genetic, so they could produce children of a variety of shades.
Me: Miranda likes what she sees. I can't blame her. He is luscious.
Me: It looks like Maurice is interested in Miranda too. He must be wishing she was in college. Don't worry, Mo, she's going next round.
Me: And it's time for one more birthday. Happy birthday, Desdemona!
Desdemona: Thanks, but what are Lisa and Mercutio doing, horning in on my big moment?
Me: Sorry about that, but if I had cropped them out, I would have had to explain why there is a finger pointed at your chest. Anyway, what are you aspiring to?
Desdemona: I'll tell you in a minute, but first these pigtails have to go.
Me:Wow, you're very lovely. So what aspiration have you chosen?
Desdemona: Romance.
Me: Gee, great...
Desdemona: And wait until you see my lifetime want...
Me: You hate me.
Desdemona: No, I don't. I just want to really piss off my mother.
Me: Okay, okay, I get it. You and your siblings have mommy issues. Sheesh!
Me: Another family shot.
Me: Speaking of shots, Tybalt can't pass up another opportunity to whip Romeo's butt.
Me: The Monty boys should just give up. Tybalt has maxed out his body skill.
Me: Has Tybalt met his match in Virginia Wade?
Me: Puck is looking at Tybalt as if to say, "Dude, a girl made you cry? You've lost all your cool points."
Me: Hmm...Juliette and Jacob. They could be a possible match.

Me: Desdemona, I see you've noticed Jacob Martin too.
Desdemona: He's cute, and I don't see a ring on his finger. And even if there was one, that would make it even more fun.
Me: Oy, vey, I can tell you're going to be trouble.
Desdemona: I certainly hope so.
Me: Keep in mind that in my timeline you're only eleven right now. So tone down the femme fatale act.
Albany: Since we are strapped for cash, I have no choice but to be under Consort's thumb. It's utterly emasculating, I tell you, Cornwall.
Cornwall: Be grateful for small favors, Albany. He's completely cut off Regan and me. And at least you didn't get stuck with Kent.
Albany: Ah, point taken, old chap.
Me: And just so there's no confusion about who runs this town, Tybalt takes the opportunity to whip Virginia's butt too.
Me: Okay, Capps, I'll see you next round, you totally dysfunctional family, you.
I mentioned in a previous post that I want to work in Sims 3 traits. I have assigned Goneril the "Evil", "Snob", and "Dislikes Children" traits. They fit well with her LTW of wanting to be a Criminal Mastermind. Albany is "Good" and "Family Oriented", so their marriage is an interesting dynamic. I think it's obvious that Desdemona is "Flirty." Miranda is a "Hopeless Romantic." I haven't figured out Hal and Ariel yet. Tybalt is coming across as "Hot Headed." The last Capp family is up next. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mega Maxis Timeline

Want to know when someone was born, married, or died? Check out this handy timeline.

  • Mortimer Goth dies at the age of 65.
  • Emma and Emily Pleasant born to Mary-Sue and Daniel Pleasant.
  • Madison Curious-Smith born to Lola Curious-Smith and Ajay Loner.
  • Ethan Caliente born to Dina Caliente and Don Lothario.
  • Kevin Burb born to Jennifer and John Burb.
  • Questa Curious born to Pascal Curious.
  • Amanda Alioto marries Ajay Loner.
  • Olive Specter dies at the age of 65.
  • Sebastian Capp born to Regan and Cornwall Capp.
  • Patrizio Monty dies at the age of 65.
  • Chloe and Christopher Broke born to Brandi Broke.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

School Enrollment

(I'm borrowing this idea from Laura at Lakeside Heights.)

With so many children in the Uberhood, it may be hard to keep track of them age-wise. So here is the grade/college year each will have completed at the end of Round 1, which will be the year 2006.

Ophelia Nighmos, senior, LFT
David Ottomas, junior, ALT
Justin Cleveland, sophomore, LFT
Mercutio Monty, sophomore, LFT
Adrian Pai, freshman, ALT
Angela Pleasant, freshman, ALT
Dustin Broke, freshman, ALT
Jacob Martin, freshman, LFT
Johnny Smith, freshman, LFT
Lilith Pleasant, freshman, LFT
Rick Contrary, freshman, SSU
Romeo Monty, freshman, SSU
Sandra Roth, freshman, SSU
Violet Jocque, freshman, SSU

High School:
Grade 12: Dirk Dreamer, Melody Tinker, Miranda Capp, Puck Summerdream, Jules O'Mackey
Grade 11: Gavin Newson, Ginger Newson, Tank Grunt, Tara DeBateau, Tybalt Capp
Grade 10:
Grade 9: Alexander Goth, Beatrice Monty, Benedick Monty, Hal Capp, Juliette Capp, Ripp Grunt

Middle School:
Grade 8: Sophia Baldwin
Grade 7: Daniel Bell, Desdemona Capp, Hermia Capp, Sharla Ottomas
Grade 6: Bottom Summerdream, Lisa Brown, Lucy Burb, Sally Riley

Elementary School:

Grade 5: Gabriella Newson, Gallagher Newson, Isaiah Gavigan, Justin Kim, Tessa Ramirez, Tina Traveller, Xander Roth
Grade 4: Beau Broke, Larry Oldie
Grade 3: Buck Grunt
Grade 2: Etsu Cho, Jill Smith, Marcus Baldwin
Grade 1: Ariel Capp, Garrett Newson, Georgia Newson, Pauline Aspir, Tommy Ottomas

Pre-K (5):
Pre-K (4): Chloe Broke, Christopher Broke

Still Here

I know I haven't published an entry in a while, so I'm dropping a note to let you all know I'm still here and still playing Sims 2. I've played through the other two Capp lots, and I'm working my way through the Montys. I've found it's easier for me to blog when I've played ahead.

I'm also toying with a different approach for Round 2. I'm thinking of playing each family in a subhood for one day (which equals a year in my timeline) and then blogging what happened that year. I plan to do that for the Uni lots this round, so we'll see how that works out.

I haven't gotten Sims 3, but I did get the Prima Guide for it because I was interested in the personality traits system. I would like to try to incorporate that in my Sims 2 sims. For example, I see Cassandra as a Bookworm, and Don obviously has Commitment Issues. Have any of you thought about how to introduce Sims 3 traits to your Sism 2 sims?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

Stay tuned...