Saturday, June 13, 2009

School Enrollment

(I'm borrowing this idea from Laura at Lakeside Heights.)

With so many children in the Uberhood, it may be hard to keep track of them age-wise. So here is the grade/college year each will have completed at the end of Round 1, which will be the year 2006.

Ophelia Nighmos, senior, LFT
David Ottomas, junior, ALT
Justin Cleveland, sophomore, LFT
Mercutio Monty, sophomore, LFT
Adrian Pai, freshman, ALT
Angela Pleasant, freshman, ALT
Dustin Broke, freshman, ALT
Jacob Martin, freshman, LFT
Johnny Smith, freshman, LFT
Lilith Pleasant, freshman, LFT
Rick Contrary, freshman, SSU
Romeo Monty, freshman, SSU
Sandra Roth, freshman, SSU
Violet Jocque, freshman, SSU

High School:
Grade 12: Dirk Dreamer, Melody Tinker, Miranda Capp, Puck Summerdream, Jules O'Mackey
Grade 11: Gavin Newson, Ginger Newson, Tank Grunt, Tara DeBateau, Tybalt Capp
Grade 10:
Grade 9: Alexander Goth, Beatrice Monty, Benedick Monty, Hal Capp, Juliette Capp, Ripp Grunt

Middle School:
Grade 8: Sophia Baldwin
Grade 7: Daniel Bell, Desdemona Capp, Hermia Capp, Sharla Ottomas
Grade 6: Bottom Summerdream, Lisa Brown, Lucy Burb, Sally Riley

Elementary School:

Grade 5: Gabriella Newson, Gallagher Newson, Isaiah Gavigan, Justin Kim, Tessa Ramirez, Tina Traveller, Xander Roth
Grade 4: Beau Broke, Larry Oldie
Grade 3: Buck Grunt
Grade 2: Etsu Cho, Jill Smith, Marcus Baldwin
Grade 1: Ariel Capp, Garrett Newson, Georgia Newson, Pauline Aspir, Tommy Ottomas

Pre-K (5):
Pre-K (4): Chloe Broke, Christopher Broke


  1. Wow, and I thought *I* had a lot of kids!!! ;)

  2. You have your hands full! And I thought my hood had a baby boom! lol

    It's funny seeing some old names. Like Danny and Sharla. They are both gorwn and on their own in my hood. :)

  3. Whoa! That's all I've got to say!

  4. Yep, there's a lot of them. I started playing before I came up with my calendar system, so I've already sent some off to college who should still be in high school. Also, I goofed up on Puck's age. I was thinking he was 12 (which was his age at the beginning of the round), when he is actually 18. His relationship with Hermia is highly inappropriate now. :(

  5. Yep that is a lot of kids.

    I'm still working out the kinks in aging from when I installed Inge's age tweak; I just imagine that some of my adults age to elder quicker because their biological age is more advanced than others. But if you ever cross-checked the sims in college with their birth years, some of them are like 27 I think.