Monday, December 5, 2011

Round 1: Sw0rd 1–Don’t Harsh My Mellow

Next up on the play list, is the lot of the recently wedded Gwen and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.


Me: *dejectedly* Hey, Gwen.

Gwen: You don’t sound very happy to see me.

Me: *crickets*

Gwen: Did I do something wrong?

Me: Well, you were supposed to marry Holden Wozny, you know?

Gwen: *laughing* Marry Holden? He’s like a brother to me.

Me: And then you went and married Cycl0n3. I was kinda hoping he and Blair would get together.

Gwen: But I really love Cycl0n3.

Me: And then you guys move to your own place, adding one more lot on my rotation which makes it take a little longer to get through Sunset Valley.

TS3W 2011-11-27 13-49-05-05

TS3W 2011-11-27 13-49-10-89

Me: Plus, you both decided to change careers on me. Lucky enough, they don’t really impact your LTWs.

Gwen: Gee, I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to mess up your plans.

Me: Well, that’s not all. There’s one more small thing.

Gwen: Gosh, what is it?

Me: On top of all this, you also have the most fabulous abs in Sunset Valley.

Gwen: *flustered* What? You’re mad at me because you’re jealous of my abs?

Me: *shrugs* What can I say? I WANT THOSE ABS!

Gwen: *shaking her head* I’m out of here. Why don’t you check on Cycl0n3 now?


Me: What’s up, Cycl0n3?

Cycl0n3: Aw, nothing. Just hacking into the Bank of Sunset Valley.

Me: Carry on.


Me: Awww…is that little Lukas? He has the most awesome name in town, Lukas Glover-Sw0rd.

Cycl0n3: Yeah, we think it’s cool too. That’s why we didn’t change it when we got married. He’s a bit fussy because he’s colicky. Little dude’s crying harshes my mellow.

Me: Ahem, I’m sure it does.

TS3W 2011-11-27 13-59-36-39

I’ll tell you who’s mellow isn’t harshed. Pablo has added another gigolo to the ranks.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-06-16-83

And Connor has moved on from his tart ex-wife.

And speaking of Connor’s ex…

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-21-38-35


The Sw0rds spent a good part of the day skill-building. Cycl0n3 needs Logic to become a Chess Legend.


And Gwen serenades some townies having a picnic.


This is Honey Pisces and her ex-boyfriend, Andres Light. I don’t blame Honey for dumping Andres. He looks a bit like a stalker.


Cycl0n3 and Gwen come back together at the end of the day. Though they weren’t my first choice for each other, I have to admit they make a cute couple.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-23-15-20

Wow, one of my Sims wants to get romantic with his own wife for a change!

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-24-34-52

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-43-44-83

Exhibit A: The Hickeys. I can’t remember if Galen is a Gigolo or a Casanova, but it doesn’t matter to his wife Anne. She wasn’t putting up with his extra curricular activities, so she divorced him and moved in with Madison and Maximus. Oh, and Anne, don’t think I didn’t notice how you made yourself playable by moving in with the Van Watsons.


Anyway, it’s birthday time for little Lukas. For some reason, Cycl0n3 finds this hilarious.

Cycl0n3: Little dude is growing up, tee-hee-hee.

Me: Looks like you’ve found your mellow again, Cycl0n3.


Awww, Lukas is cute, but I wish he had gotten red hair.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-35-04-28

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-35-07-81

Both Gwen and Cycl0n3 are attentive parents. The Sw0rds kind of remind me of the Bachelors. They are a drama-free family where everyone genuinely gets along. I suppose every hood needs a couple of families like this.


TS3W 2011-11-27 14-39-22-92

I was happy to see this because I was afraid Noemi was going to come between Talia and Torgo. However, my relief was short-lived.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-40-36-48

WHAT?! When did Talia get together with Adam????

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-40-47-79

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I’m not kidding, I really did yell, “No!” when I saw this message pop up. There goes my dream of a Talia/Torgo pairing. Thanks, guys, you just harshed my mellow.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Round 1: Steel 1–Did You Forget You Were Married?

We now come to the lot of Christopher and Tori (Kimura) Steel.

TS3W 2011-11-26 23-11-33-25

Tori immediately rolls a wish to change careers. I’m annoyed because she’s the Mayor of Sunset Valley, but Sim wishes rule.


Christopher Steel is supposed to be an Angler, but he decided he wanted to join the Fire Department instead. This is his first call.

TS3W 2011-11-26 23-49-04-07

It’s the home of Claire Ursine.


Now, I know Chris is a popular pick as a legacy founder’s spouse, but I’ve never really paid him that much attention. I must say he does look rather dashing in his uniform.


Watching him fight that fire is really endearing him to me.

TS3W 2011-11-26 23-23-32-62

He has another fire to fight back at the station.


Apparently, Chris is the only male firefighter in Sunset Valley. From left to right, this is Gena Close, Glenda Sellers, and Eliza England. Lucia Gillespie and Shasta Goodson round out the squad. My husband was watching me play and called it the “Politically Correct Fire Station.”


While Chris is at the station, Tori is hosting a lunch party to get to know her new boss and colleagues. This was supposed to be a dinner party, but I forgot to change the time in the party planning screen. Anyway, I can tell that Shelby Donner is really keeping the guests enthralled.

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-12-04-00

Well, at least one person is enthralled by Shelby. Too bad it’s one of Hank’s baby mamas. And speaking of Hank..

TS3W 2011-11-26 23-57-08-78

He’s moved on to yet another woman.


Shelby certainly isn’t enthralled by his ex-wife, Tamara. Tori invited both of them to the party to see if they could rekindle their relationship. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-05-21-12

Tori turns her thoughts to kindling something with Leighton. Um, don’t waste your time, Tori. Leighton is all about Monika right now. By the way, did you forget you were married?


Tori finally manages to get face time with her new boss, Maximus VanWatson.


And my, what face time it is! Look at the smoldering looks he’s giving her. We may have another office affair brewing. (I don’t care what Monika and Marty say, I know something’s going on.)

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-06-47-19

Hopefully, Maximus will remember that he’s family-oriented too.

TS3W 2011-11-26 23-37-38-97

Especially since he and his wife have a new baby!


TS3W 2011-11-26 23-59-00-90

The Sekemotos moved to a more expensive house, but it is one bedroom short.

TS3W 2011-11-26 23-59-43-81

Tobias just happened to be the next name on my baby list, but it really works since his father’s name is Toby. We can think of them as Tobias, Sr. and Tobias, Jr.

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-02-24-91

I thought Galen was married to Anne (nee Song). Must be another Romantic Reputation break up.

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-12-30-00

Galen does have quite the reputation now that he’s joined the ranks of the Gigolo Squad.

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-03-05-07

Blair is getting serious with her beau. Hmm, Walter Wainwright doesn’t sound too bad.

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-13-13-32

Emma picked Hugh. I hope this one sticks! Though, personally, I couldn’t be with a man who has prettier hair than I do.

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-13-01-04

Their own house, you say?

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-12-48-65

TS3W 2011-11-27 00-13-27-66

LOL! Harry took a page right out of Hank Goddard’s book: woo the girl, move in with the girl, then dump the girl. I’m glad he skipped over the “knock up the girl” step.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Round 1: Sekemoto 1—He’s Just a Friend

Oh, boy, the Sekemotos are up next, and how I have been waiting for this lot!


Monika: Leighton, I can’t believe you’re still giving me grief about Marty’s party.

Leighton: You spent more time with him at the party than you did with me, Monika. What am I supposed to think?


Leighton: It’s the muscles, isn’t it? I know he’s ripped. I can hit the gym more. I promise.

Monika: You’re being silly, Leighton.

Me: Yeah, there’s no way you can buff up that scrawny body.

Monika: You’re not helping.


Leighton: It’s the money, then? Team Captains pull a huge salary. The only way I could make that kind of money is to become captain of another team. But how could I play for anyone other than the Llamas?

Monika: It’s not the money.

Me: But a little extra Simoleons wouldn’t hurt.


Monika: I’m going to tell you this one time, and one time only, so you better listen up. Marty Keaton is my friend and my team captain, nothing more.


Monika: No matter what she wants to imply, I love you, Leighton Sekemoto. I love you. I love your son. I love our life together. And on most days, I even love your mother. You’re the only man for me.


Me: I guess you convinced Leighton that there’s nothing going on with you and The Mojo.

Monika: There is nothing going on, would you please stop it?

Me: *channeling Minnie from The Help*: Mmm-hmmm.


Me: So, did Monika put your mind at ease?

Leighton: Yes, she id. She was right, you know. I was being silly. I trust Monika completely. After all she picked me over all the other guys in town.

Me: Consider who her other options were. Is she going to pick Xander Clavell, player extraordinaire?  Or Gobias Koffi, who would probably be more interested in you than her?

Leighton: Hey, Gobias is married with a child.

Me: So was Shelby Donner for a while. And Pablo Martinez was married, and Hank Goddard has kids running all over Sunset Valley. Let’s face it, Leighton, Christopher Steel had already gotten snapped up. You were her best remaining option.

Leighton: Gee, thanks for making me feel better.

Me: I’m just looking out for your best interests. My mama always taught me if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s probably best friends with a mouse and a tripped out dog.

Leighton: Huh?

Me: Never mind. just be careful. I don’t want to see you and Sam get hurt.

Leighton: I know, and I am grateful, but Monika and I are going to be ok.

TS3W 2011-11-20 19-31-16-53

Leighton: In fact, I think it’s time we had a child of our own.

Me: *facepalm*


TS3W 2011-11-20 19-11-22-85

Pauline is at it again.

TS3W 2011-11-20 19-03-57-24

He may have a different face, but he is behaving like the Harry in my Lazlo save. As soon as Jennifer picked him, I knew he’d be trouble.

TS3W 2011-11-20 19-30-02-89

And another one of Jennifer’s suitors is off the market. Maybe Jennifer should get together with Stiles McGraw. That could work, couldn’t it? I don’t know why the girls won’t give Stiles a chance.

TS3W 2011-11-20 19-15-10-60

TS3W 2011-11-20 19-29-33-49

Wow, Emma. You must be doing something right to land these hotties.

TS3W 2011-11-20 19-31-35-74

Finally is right. They already had a baby and were living together.

And now for the shocker of the the day…

TS3W 2011-11-20 19-13-18-56

Are you kidding me? Not only are you guys old, but you’re breaking canon. Mortimer is supposed to be an only child.