Monday, December 5, 2011

Round 1: Sw0rd 1–Don’t Harsh My Mellow

Next up on the play list, is the lot of the recently wedded Gwen and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.


Me: *dejectedly* Hey, Gwen.

Gwen: You don’t sound very happy to see me.

Me: *crickets*

Gwen: Did I do something wrong?

Me: Well, you were supposed to marry Holden Wozny, you know?

Gwen: *laughing* Marry Holden? He’s like a brother to me.

Me: And then you went and married Cycl0n3. I was kinda hoping he and Blair would get together.

Gwen: But I really love Cycl0n3.

Me: And then you guys move to your own place, adding one more lot on my rotation which makes it take a little longer to get through Sunset Valley.

TS3W 2011-11-27 13-49-05-05

TS3W 2011-11-27 13-49-10-89

Me: Plus, you both decided to change careers on me. Lucky enough, they don’t really impact your LTWs.

Gwen: Gee, I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to mess up your plans.

Me: Well, that’s not all. There’s one more small thing.

Gwen: Gosh, what is it?

Me: On top of all this, you also have the most fabulous abs in Sunset Valley.

Gwen: *flustered* What? You’re mad at me because you’re jealous of my abs?

Me: *shrugs* What can I say? I WANT THOSE ABS!

Gwen: *shaking her head* I’m out of here. Why don’t you check on Cycl0n3 now?


Me: What’s up, Cycl0n3?

Cycl0n3: Aw, nothing. Just hacking into the Bank of Sunset Valley.

Me: Carry on.


Me: Awww…is that little Lukas? He has the most awesome name in town, Lukas Glover-Sw0rd.

Cycl0n3: Yeah, we think it’s cool too. That’s why we didn’t change it when we got married. He’s a bit fussy because he’s colicky. Little dude’s crying harshes my mellow.

Me: Ahem, I’m sure it does.

TS3W 2011-11-27 13-59-36-39

I’ll tell you who’s mellow isn’t harshed. Pablo has added another gigolo to the ranks.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-06-16-83

And Connor has moved on from his tart ex-wife.

And speaking of Connor’s ex…

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-21-38-35


The Sw0rds spent a good part of the day skill-building. Cycl0n3 needs Logic to become a Chess Legend.


And Gwen serenades some townies having a picnic.


This is Honey Pisces and her ex-boyfriend, Andres Light. I don’t blame Honey for dumping Andres. He looks a bit like a stalker.


Cycl0n3 and Gwen come back together at the end of the day. Though they weren’t my first choice for each other, I have to admit they make a cute couple.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-23-15-20

Wow, one of my Sims wants to get romantic with his own wife for a change!

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-24-34-52

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-43-44-83

Exhibit A: The Hickeys. I can’t remember if Galen is a Gigolo or a Casanova, but it doesn’t matter to his wife Anne. She wasn’t putting up with his extra curricular activities, so she divorced him and moved in with Madison and Maximus. Oh, and Anne, don’t think I didn’t notice how you made yourself playable by moving in with the Van Watsons.


Anyway, it’s birthday time for little Lukas. For some reason, Cycl0n3 finds this hilarious.

Cycl0n3: Little dude is growing up, tee-hee-hee.

Me: Looks like you’ve found your mellow again, Cycl0n3.


Awww, Lukas is cute, but I wish he had gotten red hair.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-35-04-28

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-35-07-81

Both Gwen and Cycl0n3 are attentive parents. The Sw0rds kind of remind me of the Bachelors. They are a drama-free family where everyone genuinely gets along. I suppose every hood needs a couple of families like this.


TS3W 2011-11-27 14-39-22-92

I was happy to see this because I was afraid Noemi was going to come between Talia and Torgo. However, my relief was short-lived.

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-40-36-48

WHAT?! When did Talia get together with Adam????

TS3W 2011-11-27 14-40-47-79

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I’m not kidding, I really did yell, “No!” when I saw this message pop up. There goes my dream of a Talia/Torgo pairing. Thanks, guys, you just harshed my mellow.