Saturday, April 28, 2012

Round 1: VanWatson 1 - Know Your Place

Me: Greetings, Anne Hickey.

Anne: *cringes*  Eww..That reminds me I need to go to City Hall and change back to my maiden name. I don't  know what I saw in Galen Hickey anyway.

Me: Maybe your meal ticket into the playable ranks?

Anne: What?!

Me: It's kind of convenient that you dumped Galen and moved in with the VanWatsons, don't you think? Since they are playable, you are now playable too.

Anne: But Galen cheated on me!

Me: I'm just saying, there were non-playable families you could have moved in with. You could have moved in with Dave Ramsey and the other townie guys or with my girl Talia.
Me: See, Sue Scotch knows her place. She's sticking with a townie, even though he's a Gigolo.
Me: Zachariah has learned his lesson. His marriage to Fiona was a disaster, so he's found a nice non-playable lady to marry.  
Anne: But it makes sense for me to move in with Madison and Maximus. We all work at DooPeas together. We can carpool. We're helping the environment.

Me: Sure, whatever you say, Anne. You're not even an Eco-Friendly Sim.

Anne: Well, the option wasn't available when I was created, was it? Anyway, I don't see you giving Maximus a hard time. He was a non-playable too.
Me: But he's helping continue the line of a playable, rather than just freeloading.
Me: Hopefully, Gage Briody will help carry on the Crumpblebottom line. 
And speaking of carrying on family lines, it is time for little Florian's birthday!
He has Maximus's hair, but he looks like Madison around the eyes.

Anne: You know, I could help Madison and Maximus out with child care and toddler skilling.

Me: Now that is is the wisest thing you have said this round, Anne.

Anne: So, I can stay?

Me: For now. Just don't become a home wrecker. I have enough broken relationships to deal with in Sunset Valley already.

Jamie! What are you doing??? You should be trying to get back with Connor.
I have the latest phase of Twallan's Story Progression installed now, so my Simmies can adopt pets. I can't wait to get back around to the Keatons to meet this little guy.
I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this. Pauline and Pablo? This cannot end well. 

The VanWatsons really didn't give me much material. I played their lot twice to see if something interesting would happen, and nothing did.

Sorry for the delay in this post. I thought I would have time to write during the week, but work has been keeping me busy. We're close to launching two new products, so things always get busy around launch time. I did a couple of late nights, and I'm even working today (Saturday). Things should slow down at work after the beginning of June.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Updates Resuming Soon

It is my mission this weekend to finish playing through round 1 of Sunset Valley. Yesterday, I played through the VanWatson, Wainwright, and Wan lots. Today, I will play through Williams, Wolff and Wozny. Stay tuned, there will  be posts this week!