Sunday, May 6, 2012

Round 1: Wan 1 - No Hanky Panky

Me: Hiya, Pauline. Boy, have I been waiting to get to your lot!

Pauline: There is a baby girl on my floor!

Me: I know.

Pauline: Okay, I admit I don't always pick up on the subtleties, but I am pretty sure I gave birth to a boy.

Me: You did. The baby girl is Hank's daughter, Anna. I have moved Hank, Anna, and Hank's son, Patrick in with you and Joshua.

Pauline: Wait a minute! You're interfering. That's a violation of the rules!

Me: All I did is move them in. I'm not doing anything else. If you two decide to get together it will be of your own accord.

Me: Besides, Hank's living arrangements were a little creepy. He was living with Jamie Frio, her ex-husband, and her new fiance.  There was too much hearbreaking going on in that house. It's not a good environment for the kids, and I rather Hank raise his own kids. That reminds me. How are you two doing towards your lifetime wishes?

Me: Not bad, Pauline. You're fifty percent of the way there, with no help from me. What's the deal with dating Pablo, though? He's the biggest gigolo in town.

Pauline: We're just having a little fun, that's all.

Me: Yeah, "a little fun" is what brought Joshua, Anna, and Patrick into the world in the first place.

Me: Hank is doing well on his own, too. Man, look at all those broken hearts left in his wake.

Pauline: Wait a minute! He's a ahead of me? How is that possible?

Me: Your pregnancy probably slowed you down.

Pauline: But I was only pregnant for three days.

Me: I've seen Hank move-in, knock up, and move-out in the same day. You being out of commission for three days is a huge advantage. Anyway, Pauline. You're being rude. Why don't you greet your new housemates?

Pauline: How have you been, Hank? I see you've still been working out. Your muscles are even bigger than what I remember. And you've been getting some sun, Your tan looks awesome.

Hank: Why, thanks, Pauline. I've been working out with Jack Bunch and Xander Clavell. It's not the same as when we used to go running on the beach together, but I'm seeing results.

Pauline: You sure are! Yeah, we had some pretty good workouts on the beach.

Hank: The cool-downs were even better.

Pauline: Yeah, those were good times, but they are in the past. We've both moved on. Hank, we need ground rules is you're going to live here. I know she wants us to get back together, but I'm with Pablo now.

Me: Oh, please, like that is really going to last. And let the record show that you two were flirting autonomously with each other just now. I had nothing to do with it.

Hank: Pauline, I'm seeing other people too. No big deal. We're both single parents and good friends. Let's just help each other out.

Pauline: *reluctantly* Ok, but no hanky panky!

Me: Hanky Panky? That would be an awesome couple name for you two!
Pauline: *glares*

Me:  What I meant to say is that I'm glad you two can be mature adults about this.

Pauline: I'm still not happy with you. It's not fair of you to torture us like this.

Me: Torture you? If I wanted to torture you, I'd have you throw a party... and invite all your love interests and excuse me for a minute.

Me: You guys better get ready for your kids' birthday party!

It's triple birthday!

 Me: Happy birthday, Joshua! You look a lot like your mommy.

Anna's mom, Araceli Marcus, brings her to the cake.

And it appears Anna takes mostly after her mom, too.

But Patrick looks a bit like Hank. Patrick's mom, Kristine, is also a redhead, so he could have gotten his hair from her.

Me: Well you guys got through the party with no drama! I am impressed with all those love interests and exes running around that there wasn't a single fight.

Hank: Well, we were too busy trying to get the kids to their cakes to flirt with anyone.

Me: Good point. Anyway, you  guys make some pretty kids. I wouldn't mind seeing you make some together.

Pauline: Would you stop with that?

Me: Ok, ok, I'll be on my way now. Besides you've got three toddlers to skill up. Good luck with that!

Other SP Updates:

 Noemi and Zachariah got engaged in the last update, and now they are married.

LOL! Looks like Anne is trying to become a legitimate playable. Trust me, girl, Xander is not the way to go. Stiles McGraw is still available. I would forgive you, Anne, if you would get with him.

Harry and Sue broke up.

Probably because Harry is still a gigolo. Don't feel bad for Harry for long. He's already found another woman to take him in.

I've  given up on Jennifer. Some people are just addicted to toxic relationships.



  1. I just realized that I skipped over the Wainwright update. The notice about Sue and Harry breaking up doesn't make sense because the notice that they got together is part of the Wainwright update. I will work on that update next.

    1. Also, thanks for all the comments on my blog. I will respond to them1

  2. Haha! You are so evil, putting Pauline and Hank in the same house. I wonder if they'll end up hooking up? Hopefully they wait until they're done breaking hearts... ;)

  3. Hooray, I caught up! Your town is so funny! I love the chaos. And Jennifer... oh, Jennifer.

    Come to think of it, I think she was the first townie my WYD babyfather knocked up as well...

  4. Some sort of family life in the middle of breaking hearts, that's nice! Loved that guest list!

  5. Everytime I try to do the Heartbreaker lifetime wish, my sim ends up getting married to the second or third one XD

    Check out my blogs!