Monday, May 28, 2012

What's going on?

Fan X: Snarky, you haven't posted in ages! How come?

Me: The short answer: Because I don't feel like it.  The long answer: I've been dealing with a lot of stuff. There is the ongoing situation with my mom and busyness at work, but my maternal grandfather passed away unexpectedly. He was my last living grandparent. I have also been dealing with my own health issue that requires most of my time.

Fan X: Wow, you've got a lot on your plate. At least you are having fun playing the game.

Me: Not really. I haven't touched the game in about three weeks. I am very frustrated about the direction EA is taking this franchise. I am not happy about Katy Perry's Sweet Treats at all.  I don't like real-life brands being mixed with the game. It's just a quirk of mine. I have also heard rumors that EP7 is about magic, and I was hoping for weather. So, I just don't feel inspired to play the game right now.

Fan X: So you are abandoning The Sims community?

Me: No, I am still reading some great blogs by fellow simmers. There's Mao's Aperture Valley, HTRootbeer's Twinbrook Fields, Orangeplumbob's Different Rain. And there's still some TS2 favorites, like Carla's Sullivan Sims.

Fan X: When are you going to update your own blogs?

Me: The short answer: When I feel like it. The long answer: With my health issue, I need to focus on reducing my stress. I beat myself up a lot about not posting regularly, so I have to stop doing that. I make no promises as to when the blogs are going to be updated. The Lazlos probably will not be updated anytime soon. I did finish playing through Sunset Valley for my Mega Maxis blog, so I'll get those posts up eventually.

Fax X:  You like to play games for fun. What are you playing now since you are not playing Sims?

Me: I'm still enjoying Civilization V. It's nice to play a game without having to worry about taking screenshots and blogging. And there's something deeply satisfying about dropping a nuke on Montezuma after a bad day.


  1. Many, many digital /hugs, snarky!

    If that ep is magic, I am going to EA and busting some faces. For real. I'll do it.

    As for posting regularly... don't bother. When things aren't fun, you don't do them. I stopped playing the game entirely for almost a year and I abandoned ALL my TS2 blogs for about a year or two when I had RL stuff going down and almost lost my mum. People were pissed, but internet stuff does NOT even COMPARE to RL issues. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    I LOVE Civ V! The husband and I enjoyed playing that quite a bit. :D

    I am always happy when you post because I can tell you enjoy the game and I love your commentary. But I don't want you to feel pressured AT ALL. Take care of yourself and come back to this when you're ready!

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