Sunday, October 25, 2009

Round 1: Delarosa 1

Round 1: Delarosa 1
How to Lose a Cashier in Ten Minutes or Less

Florence Delarosa has inherited her parents' business. Will she be able to keep Delarosa Florals the number one flower shop in Bluewater Village?
Me: Hi, Florence. My, that's a pretty bouquet you're making there.
Florence: Thank you, flower arranging is the only part of this job I enjoy.
Me: Really? I thought you loved the flower shop.
Florence: I loved it when my parents ran it, but business isn't really my passion.
Florence: I'd be content being a professional student.
Me: Wow, that's a bummer. Well, you have some customers, so I'll get out of the way.
Me: Wanda Tinker is seriously considering your plants.
Florence: I need some more help around here. I've hired Dickson to restock.
Florence: And Damion will arrange flowers, so I can concentrate on sales.
Me: I thought flower arranging was your favorite part.
Florence: It is, but I think a Delarosa should be in charge of sales. It is a family business after all.
Me: Ok, I can understand that.
Me: Maurice Peau is here! Maybe he is checking out flower prices for future reference when Miranda grows up.
Me:  Um, Florence, I thought you were concentrating on sales? Your register is backing up.
Florence: I'm sorry, the butterflies distracted me. They're so pretty! I just love being in nature.
Me: Flowers are a part of nature too, you know.
Florence: That'll be 500 simoleons, Miss Kat. Let's where is that pesky "5" key?
Tara: For the love of Will, woman!
Me:'s the one in the middle!
Me: Wanda has lost her patience. Watch out, Flo! She's gonna blow! Florence, I don't think cashiering is  working for you. You need some more help...someone with a head for numbers and a sense of the keyboard...
Me: You need Bottom!
Florence: She's just a teenager!
Me: Trust me, Flo.
Florence: Please don't call me 'Flo.'
Florence: Hello, Bottom. I could use a cashier. Would you be interested in working here?
Bottom: Well, I do plan to enter the Business field when I graduate from college. I guess there's no harm in starting my resume now.
Bottom: You've got yourself a new cashier, Ms. Delarosa.
Florence: Oh, thank you, Bottom. Will bless you!
Me: Yes!
Florence: Huh?
Me: Nothing...never mind me.
Florence: Bottom, why don't you take this tulip bouquet home to your mother? I made it just this morning.
Dickson: Hey, I didn't get a sign-on bonus!
Me: Aww..Bottom is ringing up her first customer.
Florence: I didn't get an "Aww" when I rung up my first customer.
Me: Like I said before, I don't have to like you all the same. Besides, you won't let me call you "Flo."
Florence: Hrumph!
Me: Bottom isn't on the lookout for customers. She's taking a Smustle break.
Me: Florence joins her. Gee, I wish I had Florence for a boss.
Bottom: I've changed my mind. This job isn't for me. I quit!
Florence: No, please! I really need you!
Me: Hey, favorite or not, you better bring back that bouquet, kid!
Malcolm: Thanks for the mac-n-cheese, Florence.. You're a life saver. Your mac-n-cheese hasn't changed since you used to baby sit for me.
Florence: You work so much you forget to eat. I never thought that precocious nine-year old who liked to put soap in the cemetery fountain would be on his way to owning half of Bluewater. I wish I had your business acumen, Malcolm.
Malcolm: I have decades of breeding on my side, Florence. Did you have a hard day at the shop?
Florence: Yes, Wanda got angry with me and my cashier quit.
Malcolm: I work hard, but I play hard too. You need to have more fun, Florence. You should stop by Club Dante sometime.
Florence: Maybe. Right now I just want to sleep. Stay as long as you want, just lock up before you leave.
Me: Good morning, Florence. I see you're starting out the day with a new cashier.
Florence: Yes, I've hired Tracey Peau.
Me: Great! She's one of my custom townies.
Me:  Whoa! What an inferno! Florence, what happened?
Florence: I wanted to bake some cookies for my employees. I thought it would boost morale.
Me: If you serve those cookies, your entire staff might quit.
Me: At least one of your employees is doing well. Damion just earned membership to the Arts and Craft hobby lot.
Me: Tyra Peau! Another custom townie.
Florence: I let the Peau ladies stay here until they found their own place.
[Translation: I used Florence's lot to turn all of the Peau girls into townies.]
Tracey: I'm outta here!
Me: What? She's quitting too? Florence, what happened this time?
Florence: *sighs* I don't know.
Me: Oh, don't take it too hard. I think you're better off. Tracey was giving me psycho vibes anyway.
Florence: I think I need a drink
Malcolm: Florence! It's good to see you. I'm glad you took me up on my offer and came out.
Florence: Thanks, Malcolm. I was getting cabin fever and really needed to get out.
Malcolm:Your home should be your sanctuary, but you're making it your prison. All you do is work and sleep. I'm telling you, Florence, you need some excitement. Anyway, enjoy your evening here. Food and drinks are on me.
Florence: Thanks, Malcolm
Yoosung: Mind if I join you?
Florence: Not at all, but it might be hard for you to join in this game.
Yoosung: Why?
Florence: I'm playing Solitaire.
Yoosung: *laughes* I don't think I've seen you here before.
Florence: I'm a friend of Malcolm's.
Yoosung: Oh....
Florence: Not that kind of friend. I've known Malcolm since he was a little boy. I used to baby-sit him. He's like my kid brother.
Yoosung: For a minute there, I thought Malcolm had matured and started dating a decent ladies.
Florence: *blushes*
Me: You know Florence there's the Alpha-..ah...never mind.
Brady: Thanks for the job Ms. D. You won't regret hiring me.
Florence: Thank you, Brady, I'm sure you'll be a great cashier. In fact, I'm so sure, I'm raising your salary right now.
Brady: Gee, thanks, Ms. D.!
Me: I see you've been taking some lessons from Malcolm.
Florence: Yes, I hope overpaying him will keep him on the job.
Me: Good luck with that.
Me: Florence, you've got a busy shop this morning. Who is that redhead in the pink? I don't recognize her.
Me: Hmm..she's very pretty, and she's the first townie I've seen generated with custom hair. Her name is Emmy Adams. I can't think of any guys whose name start with E right now, so she may have to wait for Ethan Caliente to grow up. With that red hair, I'm going to have to be careful to not call her Amy Adams.
Sing it with me: "That's How You Knoooooow"
Florence: Hello, may I help you?
Emmy: Yes, I'm new in town, and I'm looking for some flowers to spruce up my apartment.
Florence: You've come to the right place, especially if you like tulips.
Emmy: I love tulips! You have a lovely shop here. It's clean and you've very helpful.
Me: Way to go, Flo!
Florence: *glares*
Me: Florence, sheesh!
Me: Emmy is no ordinary townie. She's a reporter and she's reviewing Florence's shop!
Me: Rose is here, excellent! Florence, make sure Emmy sees you with Rose.
Florence: Why?
Me: Think about it, Florence. Having Rose here has to be a ringing endorsement.
Florence: I love Sundays! The shop is closed.
Me: But you had a decent day yesterday, Brady didn't quit.
Florence: Yes, Brady made it to closing, and Emmy gave us a positive review.
Me: And I hear the Bluewater Better Business Bureau ranked your shop Level 1. Things are looking up.
Me: You've earned your time off. Happy reading, Florence!
Ok, I have no idea why Bottom and Tracey quit. There weren't any thought bubbles over their heads to give me a clue. I hope Brady lasts. Florence herself needed serious micromanagement. The minute I turned my back on her, she was out catching butterflies, reading a book, watching the tv, playing the piano..anything but running the shop. I took that to mean her heart wasn't in the business.

I think Florence and Yoosung would be a cute couple, but there's that pesky Alphabet twist. I've given up on trying to keep all of the last names in play. If Florence finds someone whose name starts with F, fine. If she doesn't, oh well. I'm not going to have her adopt unless she spins up a want to have a baby. She seems quite content being alone, though. Just like in real life, marriage and babies aren't for everyone.

I made up the stuff about Florence baby-sitting Malcolm. They have a high STR score, and I wanted a plausible explanation. There's nearly a ten-year age gap between them, so it made sense that she might have baby-sat for him. Their friendship is strictly platonic. If I remember correctly, they don't have any lightning bolts, so I see this as a brother-sister like relationship...except not like Benedick and Beatrice...ew.

Malcolm's lot is up next. Stay tuned... 


  1. Ha, I love that Florence babysat Malcolm. Stuff like that is good as a thread to tie the neighbourhood together. The way Maxis have it set up (the later hoods at least, not the base game ones), each house is very separate from the others.

  2. Yeah, I loved that little detail about Florence baby sitting Malcolm too. It makes sense.

    Poor Florence is having some serious issues with her business there! I've heard that making friends with the employees is supposed to help with the random quitting. Don't know how true that is.