Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Round 1: Wainwright 1 -- Skip to My Sue, My Darlin'

Me:  Good morning, Sue.

Susan: Well, it's about time.

Me: Yeah, I know it has taken me a while to get to you guys. I have been going through a rough time.

Susan: Please spare me your personal problems. Save that for your shrink. I meant it's about time  because you skipped us!

Me: *blushing* You are right, I did.

Susan: Didn't you learn your ABCs? Wainwright comes before Wan.

Me: I know, I know. I was so eager to get to Pauline's lot, that I accidentally skipped you guys. My apologies.

Susan: I know you have your pets, but you could at least treat the rest of us like we exist.

Me: You've made your point. I am going to slink off now and check on Boyd.

Me: Hey, Boyd! *gagging* That looks pretty tasty...eww. Gotta love you slobby sims!

Susan: Well if he would let me hire a maid, he wouldn't have to eat spoiled food. And if he would let me hire a repairman, I wouldn't have to fix this stupid toilet.

Boyd: Why pay someone good money to do something that we are fully capable of doing ourselves?

Susan: So you fix the toilet next time.

Boyd: I would, buttercup, if you wouldn't jump ahead and fix it first.

Susan: I asked you do it last month, dear, but you've been too busy watching your nature documentaries to fix it.

Me: Speaking of nature, I think you two need to get out and get some fresh air. How about a trip to the park?

Me:  It's busy as usual. Spencer and Irene Funke caught my eye because they were swinging in perfect unison.

 Me: I can't remember if these two are twins. I'll have to double-check the next time I play them.

Me:  I think they might want a new computer for Christmas.

Susan wants to be a Chess Legend, so she is building up her logic and chess skills by playing a match against Coby Frederick.

Coby: I can't believe I took a job working on Vita Alto's campaign. I might as well be working for Satan himself.

Coby: I shouldn't have said that out loud. She'll probably send one of her husband's thugs after me.

Boyd: This was a great idea. My hobbies and interests normally keep me indoors, but there is nothing like being one with nature and taming wild beasts.

Me: Wild beasts? You caught a minnow, not a shark, Grizzly Adams. Anyway, I will see you two next round.

Fiona has adopted a dog. Hopefully, this male will stay loyal to her.

Aw, Jared and Connor are keeping the family bonds strong. I guess Jared was commiserating with his brother over his failed marriage.

Speaking of Connor's ex, Jamie is duking it out with Katrina over Casanova, Shelby Donner. I don't know why you two are fighting over Tamara's sloppy seconds.

 Gage decided to move out of the house that he was sharing with the other Townie boys.

Could it be that he is preparing a love nest for his bride-to-be? Congrats Agnes and Gage!


  1. Aww, I'll be really happy if your Agnes marries Gage and has a baby. She has never, ever got married in my game. Her relationships keep failing. It makes me really sad for her! No wonder she became the Old Prude!

    1. Carla, I hope this works out for her too. I always thought her backstory was so tragic. Hopefully she can write a happier ending with Gage. Have you read Starla's Creeper Legacy? Agnes marries the founder, Chad Creeper. Even though, I want her to stay with Gage, I feel like she's cheating on Chad. :)

  2. Poor Agnes! She really does have a rough time with things. I am also hoping for some happiness for her.

    LOL at your sims giving you the guilt trip for skipping them. I've done it, too, and I use a numbering system! Those sims. You'd swear they never made a msitake. ;)

    I also laughed at the comment about Vita's husband having thugs. She's on the tip of everyone's tongue in this world!

    1. Vita rules Sunset Valley and everyone knows it, LOL!

      I didn't even realize I had skipped them until I added the Wan entry to my Table of Contents page. I actually played them in right order. I just missed blogging them.

  3. Gage is a favourite of mine - he looks a lot as my RL husband, and I "used" him to play the role in a simself legacy :)

    1. But since everybody in town (except kids of premades) that moves in town after the first day, is Puddingface AKA has no sliders, and Gage Briody also has no sliders, would'nt that mean every townie also looks like your RL husband? b\c everyone looks like Gage?

  4. I like how these two sims have a grown-up daughter that's just moved out, but look like they're in theyr mid-to-late 30's.

    At times it seems like they must have had Blair at like, 13.

    (Jenni Jones-Brown or Penny Pincher easily look five or ten years older than them.)