Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Round 1: Wozny 1 -- Mating and Relating

We have finally made it to the last house in Round 1 of Sunset Valley! It only took me a year and three-quarters to get here. *rolls my eyes* 

The last house belongs to Holden Wozny and his new bride, Faith. For the longest time, I read Holden's last name as Wonzy until I noticed the "z" came before the "n." I suspect his name is a nod to Steve Wozniak. I digress..

Me: Hey, guys, you don't know how happy I am to see you. Aw, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt an intimate moment.

Holden: No worries.  I was just giving Faith a hug before she leaves for work. We believe it is important to always have a moment together before parting. With her being in law enforcement, I know there's always the possibility that I'm saying goodbye for the last time.

Me: That's sweet, Holden. A little morbid, but sweet. Maybe you guys could lead a marriage seminar in Sunset Valley.

Me: Lord knows there are many couples in town who could benefit from your services.

Holden: I hear what you are saying, but I couldn't possibly get up in front of a group to speak. I prefer to communicate through the written word. As a matter of fact, I am headed out now to gather research for my first book.

Me: I see you have found a new friend.

Holden: This is an exquisite find! I thought it was only a myth that pygmy tortoises existed in Sunset Valley.

Me: I can tell you two are going to be great friends.

Holden: Yes, now all I need is to find a mate for Humberto, and I can begin my research.

Me: Research? Exactly what kind of book do you plan on writing?

Holden: A nature book, of course.

Me: I'm sure your book will fly off the shelves. Good luck, and see you next round.


Wait. Didn't Harry just move in with Jennifer? And didn't Talia just have triplet babies with her (ex) husband?

The Casanova in question is Galen Hickey.  Right after I got this message, the one below popped up:

This made me laugh out loud. Coby was living with Galen and Katrina. I think he was tired of the drama and decided to get his own place.

And finally, the last SP message of the round could not make me any happier!

They got back together! True, they will probably break up at the beginning of Round 2, but I can be happy while it lasts. :)


  1. Yay, round 1 is done and Pauline and Hank are back together! :D The sims in your SV have serious commitment issues, haha.

    1. Cheezy, I am thrilled that Hank and Pauline are back together. I think it was so appropriate that they got together during the last house in the round since they broke up in the very first update.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL. Yep. I want the writers to specialize in a genre, so Holden is going to be the nature writer.

  3. Hey, this is a great blog! Loved the idea of the tortoise mating habits book, lol. I'm really glad I found your site because I had a question. I was wondering, do the personality modules really add /that/ much to the game? I'm considering downloading some of them, but I don't really know what they do, how they impact the game, etc. On a scale of 1-10, how necessary are they to your game play?

    1. Shannon, thanks for reading and commenting!

      That is a great question about the personality modules. When you are just starting out, the modules are fun and add life to your town. Your Sims can encounter all kinds of drama. The personalities can influence couples to get together or break up. If you enable Story Progression to kill your Sims, some of the personality modules (especially the Vampires one) could result in the death of your Sims. (This feature is completely configurable and disabled by default in the mod.)

      While the stories are funny in the beginning, over time I find the messages become repetitive and uninteresting. Also, I think the Lovers module was a big contributor in my couples breaking up frequently. I have disabled personalities in my non-Mega Maxis saves, and when I am done with this blog, I am going to remove them all together.

      On a scale of 1 - 10, the modules are definitely a 1. You can enjoy the game just fine with only the Expanded and Extra modules. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Take care!