Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Round 1: Specter 1

Round 1: Specter 1
Family Reunion

Olive Specter is near the end of her days. Can she make peace before leaving the Uberhood?
Me: Hello, Olive.
Olive: I've been expecting you.
Me: *taken aback* Really? Ok.
Olive: My time is short in the Uberhood. I don't expect to see Round 2.
Me: I'm afraid you're right. It would be nice to continue your family name. The Oldies just adopted an adorable kid named Larry. Perhaps you would like to try your luck with the Adoption Agency?
Olive: Unfortunately, Social Services has a long memory, and they haven't forgiven me for having to surrender Nervous.
Me: That's a shame. It seems to me they should reconsider, especially given the fact that you've looked after your orphaned niece, Ophelia.
Olive: Yes, I have done a good job with Ophelia, haven't I?
Johnny: I don't think it's a good idea to sneak out tonight, Ophelia. The cops are patrolling all up and down The Road. Why don't we just hang out here with your crazy aunt?
Ophelia: Boring!
Olive: Listen carefully, Ophelia. I would like my grave surrounded with daisies. They were always my favorite flower.
Ophelia: Don't be silly, Auntie. You're bound to outlive us all.
Olive: Ophelia, darling, I'm sorry I failed you. You're set to go to college, and I haven't taught you how to cook.
Ophelia: Don't worry, Auntie. I plan to marry a man who can cook.
Me: Have a great time at La Fiesta Tech, Ophelia. Do you have any idea what you are going to study?

Ophelia: I would like to breed puppies and open a pet store, so I think Economics would be good.
Me: Excellent. I'll see you later on in the round.
Olive: Nervous, I'm so grateful that you came with my friends to keep me company on my last day.
Olive: I'm not afraid of passing on. I've seen many ghosts in my day, so I know there is life on the Other Side.
Denise: Strangetown is such a lovely place, Sims and aliens living together in peace. What a model for the Greater Wrightsville area.
#9: Perhaps the next mayor of Wrightsville will lift the restriction on where aliens can live. Wouldn't it be wonderful if my family could live next door to yours in Bluewater Village?
Denise: Ah, yes, well, not all of the neighborhoods can be as progressive as yours, dear.
Me: When did Nervous join the Old Folks Club?
Nervous: Mother, I don't want to hear any more talk about death, especially when we've just begun to reconnect.
Olive: Nonsense, Nervous. The time is at hand. I'm sorry I won't live to see you marry and have children, but I have made provisions.
Grim: Olive Specter.
Olive: Jack, it's so nice to see you again.
Me: I'll say. You've been dying to see him again. Hey, wait a minute. His name is Jack the Reaper?
Olive: And now, Nervous, it's time for one last secret.
Nervous: What?
Grim: Nervous, I am your father.
Nervous: Mother, is this true?
Olive: Yes, Nervous. I had a passionate evening with Jack, and you were the result. I was young, stupid and ill-prepared to take care of you. That's why Social Services seized you.
Nervous: *crying*Oh my Will! I can't believe my mom woohooed the Grim Reaper!
Me: On the bright side, Nervous sure has a story to tell when someone asks "Who's your daddy?"
Me: Let me get this straight. The child that you abandoned at birth gets all of your money, and the child you raised doesn't get a penny? Ophelia got screwed!
Olive: *from the beyond*Ophelia didn't get screwed. I left her the house.
Me: Oh, my bad. Rest in peace, Olive.

Well, there's no ending family photo because there's no family. I really wanted to keep all of the last names going. Since Olive wasn't able to adopt and I didn't have enough time to get her hitched to someone, this ends the Specter line.
Ophelia will be moving back here after college, so this will become the Nigmos 1 lot.
The Beaker household is up next.
But first, a blooper shot...


  1. Okay, "Jack the Reaper" - lol'd on that one!

    And the "Grim: Nervous, I am your father." - flashback to Darth Vader! Ha ha

    I love your take on this one - I got so used to all the melodrama surrounding olive, ophelia, nervous and the beakers that it was fun to just poke fun at it for once :-)

    I was waiting for your update, btw!

  2. Oh, wow, I don't think I've ever seen a Sim only leave money to one person before!

    I forget where I found your blog but I spent last night reading all the entries and was really sad when I got to the end. I'm glad to see another update this morning!

  3. Simstate,

    Yes, that was a shout out to Star Wars! And, I couldn't resist the "Jack the Reaper" pun. :)

  4. Sullivan,

    Thanks for reading! I saw a link to yours on Mandie's and/or Laura's site, and I definitely plan to check it out.

  5. Olive was always my favorite default character. She's awesome. I mean, she WOOHOO'd with the reaper! That's crazy.

    I just wish you got more time with her. Bye, bye, Olive! You are totally THE original Black Widow, LOL.

  6. *sniggers at the grim pun & the Star Wars flashback*

    Oh for Will's sake! Did the hula zombies actually have to give us all a crotch shot?!

  7. @petalbrook,

    "Oh for Will's sake! Did the hula zombies actually have to give us all a crotch shot?!"

    LOL! :)