Sunday, May 31, 2009

Round 1: Capp 1

Round 1: Capp 1
Big Brother is Watching

The Capps are one of the oldest and richest families in the Uberhood. They are also the mortal enemies of the equally old and equally rich Monty family (as if you didn't already know the story). Anyway, let's see how the Capps are doing...
Juliette: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? I am wounded. Not only is your surname mine enemy, but your first name as well.
Romeo: My fair, Juliette, but besworn my love, and I'll no longer be a Monty nor a Romeo.
Me: O, hecketh no. Kids, we are not doing this entire blog in the Bard's English.
Romeo: *sulks* Okay. We thought that some flowery language might convince you to let us stay together.
Me: Why does every freakin' Sim in this hood think he's an exception? Rules are rules.
Juliette: But we're Romeo and Juliette. Breaking us up is just wrong.
Me: Be grateful that I'm not offing you like Shakespeare did.
Me: But it looks like Tybalt just might off Romeo.
Me: It's true. Romeo is a lover, not a fighter.
Tybalt: Can you believe my sister is giving that Monty kid the time of day? She needs to set her priorities straight. Grandfather is about to open a restaurant, and he needs all of our help to turn a profit.
Puck: All you think about is work, Tybalt. You need to relax, man, smell the flowers every now and then. Get laid.
Tybalt: The only flowers I'm going to be smelling are the ones I sell. Mark my words, Puck. I'll own half of Veronaville before I'm thirty.
Me: Dude, dial it down a few notches. I expected to hear maniacal laughter at the end of that sentence.
Puck: Tybalt, we're buds, right?
Tybalt: "Buds?" I'm seventeen and you're only twelve. I assure you we are not "buds."
Puck: But I'm not a Monty, so that's got to make me at least a tolerable acquaintance.
Tybalt: I'll concede you that point. What are you driving at, Puck?
Puck: I think your sister Hermia is a cool chick, and I'd like to ask her out.
Me: You want to ask out Hermia? You're only twelve, Puck. You should still be thinking that she has cooties. Never mind. I'm wasting my breath because you're not a playable on this lot.
Puck: If I do ask her out, I want to make sure you're not going to kick my arse.
Me: Such language from a young one.
Tybalt: *sighs* Look, Puck, I've known you since you were a baby. You're a good bloke, and you're not a Monty. If Hermia will have you, you have my blessing.
Puck: Thanks, man.
Tybalt: But if you hurt her, I will kick you arse from here to Riverblossom Hills.
Me: That was touching, Tybalt, but there is that Alphabet twist...
Tybalt: *shrugs* It's puppy love. They'll outgrow it.
Me: I hope so. Darn it! Why do they have to look so cute together?
Me:And now, dear reader, please indulge me in a little gameplay talk. First, congrats go to Consort Capp for being my first Sim ever to own a restaurant!
Me: Here is a distant shot of "Vue Sur La Mer." This lot was designed by stoffelsim and is available for download here.
Me: The Uberhood's newest bride, Amanda Loner, is Consort's first patron. She showed up in her (pink!) wedding gown because I'm using SimLogical's Formal Sign to enforce a formal dress code. (Note to self: Remember to change bride's formal attire after the wedding.) Ok, enough gameplay talk. Let's get back to the story...
Consort: Thank you for coming to work for me as a chef, Catherine.
Catherine: It was no trouble at all, Connie. Once word spreads about my scrumptious tartlettes, you'll be packing 'em in here.
Consort: *blushing* Connie? I haven't heard that nickname in years.
Catherine: I reckon it's been near thirty-five years since we last talked.
Consort: I'm sorry, Catherine.
Catherine: Was she worth it, Connie?
Consort: Yes, she was.
Catherine: Then you're forgiven.
Consort: Some of the family is coming by for Sunday dinner. Why don't you join us?
Catherine: Connie, I don't think Veronaville is ready for the likes of me yet. You enjoy your family. I'll see you at the restaurant tomorrow.
Me: Consort, it's so sweet to see you playing with your grandkids.
Consort: Everyone thinks I'm a hard, driven business man. That's just for the boardroom. My family is where my heart really is.
Me: I think you need to have a heart to heart with your grandson.
Denise: Well done on your restaurant, Consort. I'm sure you're going to make a fortune. But what's this I hear about that Viejo woman working for you? Surely you could have gotten someone else, perhaps a rising culinary student out of the Academie Le Tour? Anyone but that Viejo woman! She won't do, Consort. She just won't do.
Consort: Try her tartlette, Denise, and let me know if you still feel the same way.
Me: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd have to say that was an intimidation fail by Mrs. Denise Jacquet. Atta boy, Consort!
So I've had this game since it came out in 2004 and this is the first time I've ever played in Veronaville. I don't know why it's taken me this long to get to it. I actually do like Shakespeare.
My blog has now caught up with my playing. I haven't mentioned this before, but I've had a very annoying problem with my game since Freetime came out. The game sporadically freezes to the point where I have to cut the PC off with the power button. I can never predict when a freeze will occur. It could happen after playing two hours or two minutes. It has been very frustrating and obviously has diminished my enjoyment and motivation.
I noticed that the problem happens more frequently when it's hot, so I suspected that fan in my video card has gone out. This week, I bought a new video card, a Radeon HD 4650. This baby has 1GB video RAM. It may be overkill for the Sims 2, but I'm not taking any chances. I played the game a good deal today (I'm talking a several hour marathon!) with all the settings maxed, and I didn't get a single freeze!
I've been playing another neighborhood on the side based on the Fellowship families created by the Prosperity Challenge Yahoo group. I hope to get a post up later this week showing you pictures of the hood so you can see my new video card in action.
As for the Uberhood, Goneril Capp and her family are up next, so stay tuned...
[Edit 5/31/09 4:57 PM: Ok, I violated my own rule. I spoke directly to Romeo in the first scene, and I shouldn't have because he was a vistor on the lot. *sigh* That's what I get for blogging late at night!]


  1. "It's true. Romeo is a lover, not a fighter." LOL!

    I never messed much with Veronaville myself. Congrats on your new restaurant! They are fun, but can be a bit of a pain.

    As for your freezing issue, the fan on your card could have went out. That or your case doesn't have enough airflow. There's also driver issue. My sims installation of Vista had old drivers and my 2 card's fans were running a mile a minute when it didn't need to. Got new drivers and bam, quiet.

    Glad to hear your problems are fixed, though!

  2. Mao, I'm pretty sure it was the fan. When I pulled the old video card out, there was a huge dust bunny sitting in the fan. It's all good, though. The old card only had 256MB RAM and the new card has 1GB.

  3. "O hecketh no" may be the funniest thing I've heard today.

    Consort's restaurant looks cool! Very classy and elegant!

    I'm glad to hear you've fixed your problems. It's such a pain to play when you're worried all your work will be undone by a crash or having to reboot!

  4. @Sullivan: Thanks! It is a relief not having to worry about crashes anymore. I'm paranoid and still save frequently, though.

    I'm enjoying the playing the restaurant. We'll see it again in the Capp 3 update.