Saturday, May 16, 2009

Round 1: Kim 1

Round 1: Kim 1
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black and White

After their television show was cancelled, the Kim family decide to relocate to Strangetown. Let's see how the Kim's are doing...
Me: What the-? Why are you guys black and white?
Robert: It's in honor of our tv show. It was a spoof of the sitcoms from the 60s and aired in black and white. Now, if you'll excuse us...
Me: Oh, excuse me. Gee, Rob, that look on your face just screams "Take me, baby."
Me: Congrats on your promotions, guys. Now tell me more about your TV show. Why did it get cancelled? Did you jump the shark?
Robert: You mean like posting all black and white pictures in your blog?
Me: *crickets*
Cynthia: Yes, we did jump the shark. In the worst way possible...
Me: *horrified*. You don't mean...?
Cynthia: Yes, we let Ted McSimley guest star.
Me: Whoa, the kiss of death!
Robert: You're telling us. One guest spot by him and the show goes in the crapper. SBC cancelled our show and laughed us out of Hollywood. So, we've relocated to this wasteland while we develop a new pilot.
Me: Get to know your neighbors. I'm sure they can provide plenty of fodder for a sitcom.
Yoosung: Hi, I'm Yoosung Reamon. You guys just moved in, right?
Robert: Yes, a couple of days ago.
Me: Hmm, Yoosung. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again.
Yoosung: I hope you don't mind me asking, but aren't you Robert Kim?
Robert: *beaming* Why, yes, I am. You must have been a fan of the show.
Yoosung: Could I ask you a big favor, Mr. Kim?
Robert: You want an autograph? Sure it's no problem.
Yoosung: Awesome! Wait until I tell all my friends that you're going to get me Ted McSimley's autograph!
Me: *snickers*
Me: You guys have another guest.
Robert: I forget the headmaster was coming! We haven't prepared anything for dinner.
Me: Not to worry, Berjes is on it. Yum, lobster thermidor. Reminds me of the surf and turf dinner I had on my honeymoon.
Me: Wow, 55 food points! Berjes deserves a raise.
Robert: I didn't even get to schmooze.
Me: It's ok. Somehow, I doubt Headmaster Manuel was a fan of the show.
Robert: Now that you'll be going to private school, you're going to have to really hit the books, Justin. You can't expect special treatment just because you're a TV star.
Me: An ex-TV star. An ex-TV child star. He's going to need special treatment, alright.
Justin: I got an A+ in school today, and it wasn't because of special treatment.
Me: Well done, Justin.
Me: No, she's not interested, you homewrecker! She's a married woman. Get your facts straight before you start offering blind dates.
Me: Robert, what are you doing to Gabby?
Robert: I'm teaching her to roll over. She's got an audition tomorrow and she needs to learn a few tricks.
Me: You're teaching her to roll over in the middle of snow storm. It looks like you're drowning the poor dog. The Sims for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would have something to say about this.
Me: I never get tired of watching the cats play with the bird toy.
Cheech: I can haz birdie?
Me: LOL, cat!
Me: Does Cheech have an audition too?
Robert: Yep, apparently a poll went out on who the most popular characters on the show were. Gabby came in first, followed by Cheech. They've got movie offers coming in left and right.
Cheech: I shall destroy that doggie.
Me: Blond children of the Uberhood unite!
Cynthia: They're here for Justin's birthday party.
Stephen: My wife and I are thinking of opening up a toy store in Bluewater. I hope you'll come by and check it out.
Robert: Sure, and if you need a celebrity endorsement, just say the word.
Stephen: You know a celebrity?
Me: Happy birthday, Justin!
Me: We haven't seen a birthday party this big since Daniel Pleasant became an elder.
Me: My, what a strong, handsome young man.
Justin: Thanks.
Me: I bet your dad will start marketing you as the next teen heart throb.
Me: So, Justin is a Fortune Sim and turned on by blond hair and makeup? Those turn-ons are good news for Jill.
I installed GunMod's Camera Mod, so I'm experimenting with taking extreme closeups. I never knew there was a picture of a cat in the bottom of the cat dish!
Larry snuck away from the party to clean out the dog house. I love this kid!

Oh, by the way, I'M BAAAACK! The wedding was wonderful, and we had a blast on the honeymoon. We took a cruise to San Juan, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk and Caicos. We got spoiled silly by the crew, and the food was amazing!!! I cannot wait to go on another cruise. If you want to see some wedding pics, check out my photographer's blog.

Yay, we made it through Strangetown! Let's see... it's taken me about six months to do two hoods! Definitely gotta pick up the pace. Veronaville is up next. So stay tuned....


  1. Congratulations on your nuptials! I'm completely envious of your honeymoon... we're not having one. We're getting married in Key West at the beginning of the yearly family vacation there, so yeah, haha. Kinda ties in. Only with family. xb

    The black and white was quite trippy. Let's see how these sitcom folks do with a bunch of crazy sims. ;)

  2. Congrats! Those pictures are stunning. What a beautiful gown, and the setting looks so peaceful.

    I love the idea of having a "reality" sim TV show. That'd be awesome. That's sort of what sims is, isn't it?

  3. -Me: I never get tired of watching the cats play with the bird toy.

    Cheech: I can haz birdie?

    Me: LOL, cat!-

    I about died. I absolutely love that website...I stalk it practically every day. XD

    Anyway, I also stalk your blog. Since May started, I've been checking it every single day for an update and got really excited when I saw the update today!

    Love the black and white, I think it's really cool, and love the ex-TV stars idea!

  4. Congratulations, what a wonderful wedding! You made a gorgeous bride and I love your bridesmaids' dresses too.

    I loved the idea of the B&W pictures for the Kims. LOL @ Justin the ex-child star. I hope he ends up more Ron Howard and less Macaulay Culkin.

    Also, I cracked up way too much over the Ted McGinley reference. Mum told me about his show-killing abilities when he guest-starred on some show she liked (that was later cancelled). I'll have to tell her about this update, she'll get a kick out of it!

  5. Congratulations! And welcome back! Loved the whole B&W theme, very funny! And Ted McGinley, ha!

  6. Very funny update! I love all the dead sim-com references.

    Pretty wedding pics. I love the one where he's standing behind you, you look so blissful.

  7. Congrats and welcome back!

    The black and white pictures are really neat.

    I just played the Kims recently, too, but I dumped mine in Downtown.

  8. Congratulations!! I'm glad you had a great honeymoon.

    I'm so glad I found your blog--I am playing the uber megahood somewhat loosely prosperity style but only playing certain families, ANYWAY I just can't possibly imagine undertaking blogging it but will love reading yours!

    Oh, so weird, the Kims and other pet families weren't in my uber megahood when I downloaded it. I looked under occupied houses, too.

  9. Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Married life is great!

    @Mao: Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Key West sounds wonderful! I've never been there, but I heard the water there is similar to the Caribbean waters.

    @Lunar Fox: Yeah, it really is like watching a reality show. You could easily do a "Big Brother" type of show, just throw some random Sims together and watch the fireworks.

    @Anonymous: Welcome! I love LOLCats too!

    @Sullivan and Tacy: I couldn't resist the Ted McGinley reference. Poor guy, he really is a show killer. I also hope Justin takes more of a Ron Howard path.

    @Petalbrook: Thanks! I love that pic too. I'm still waiting for the rest of the pictures to come in. I can't wait to see them.

    @jungfun68: Thanks!

    @Deb: Yeah, it's really a tpss up as where to put them. I think I'm going to put all the Maxis Made college students Downtown after they graduate.

    @Shannon: The Kim, Roseland, and Kat families weren't in my version of the Uberhood either, but I still had them in my Lots and Houses Bin, so I dropped them into the game.