Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Two: First Dates (Part 3)

"Good evening, Ladies," Nervous said that night. "I hope you all enjoyed your dates with Garrett today. It is now time for the rose ceremony. One by one, Garrett will call you up and invite you to continue this journey with him to love. If Garrett wishes for you to stay, he will present you with a rose. Garrett has five roses to give out tonight. Unfortunately, there are seven of you, so you can do the math. Garrett, when you're ready..."
"Thanks, Nervous." I turned to address the ladies. "I want you all to know that I had an amazing time today. I think you all are beautiful, intelligent, vivacious women. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met you. To the two women that I must say goodbye to tonight, you are no less precious than the women that remain. I hope that you meet that perfect man for you soon, and I'm sorry I couldn't be him. Having said that, Florence will you join me please?"
"Florence, I had a wonderful time on our date tonight. I would love for you to stay so that we can get to know each other better."

"Florence, would you accept this rose?"

"Oh, Garrett, I would love to stay. I can't wait for our next date."
"Tara, you are so bubbly and full of life. I would love if you would stay. Would you accept this rose?"

"Of course, Garrett! Thank you."

"Jessica, I love your spunky attitude. Would you accept this rose?"
"Certainly, sugar."

"Chloe, I have to admit you knock me off balance at times. I'm never quite sure what you're going to say and do next, but I love it. Would you accept this rose?'
"Yes, I will, Garrett."

Nervous cleared his throat and stepped up. "Ladies, Garrett, this is the final rose this evening."
I sighed a heavy sigh. I hated hurting anyone's feelings. I swallowed and said, "Nina."
Nina stepped forward.
"Nina, I know we haven't had much of  a chance to talk but-"
Nina interrupted, "Garrett, please don't say anything else. I think you are a great guy, and any of these women would be lucky to have you. Being here has made me realize that I'm not over my broken heart. I don't think it's fair for me to take the place of a woman who is ready to give all of her heart to you."
The other girls gasped and I felt the blood drain from my face. "What are you saying, Nina?"
"I'm saying that I can't stay. I can't accept your rose."
I watched her go with a vague feeling of loss. To be honest, on a physical level, I found her the most attractive, but I hadn't gotten the chance to know her as well as the other ladies.I mourned a little for what could have been.
Nervous cleared his throat and stepped up again. "Well, that was awkward. Okay, once again, Ladies, Garrett, this is still the final rose this evening. Garrett, good luck, dude."
I started to sweat. "Um, Natasha?"
"Natasha, I don't blame you if you want to slap me right now, but I sincerely would like you to stay. Would you accept this rose?"
"Garrett, I think this is fate. Of course, I'll stay."
"Thank you." I exhaled. That left Cassandra. I asked her to join me in the parlor.
"What happened, Garrett? I thought we had something special."
"Cassandra, all we did was shoot pool and go bowling. Look, I think you are a gorgeous woman, you really are. And you're a scientist, so I know you're brilliant as well. I just don't have the physical chemistry with you that I have with some of the other women here. I'm really sorry."
"I think you're making a mistake, Garrett."
"I don't think so, Cassandra. I'm sorry."
"I'm going to find true love someday. I know it's my destiny."
"I know it is too, Cassandra. I hope the guy that captures your heart understands exactly what he has in you." I hoped she didn't catch my dual meaning.
"Take care, Cassandra." I heard her sob.
"Oh, Will-darn-it!"
She grabbed me and kissed me. My knees were shaky, "Wow."
She smiled and said, "Eat your heart out, Garrett."
Cassandra: I can't believe Garrett dumped me first. Since Nina bailed on him, forcing him to make another choice, it's like he dumped me twice! Well, the last laugh is on him. I had woohoo in the house!
Natasha: I'm not bothered that Garrett almost cut me tonight. Fate has a funny way of working things out. 
Jessica: I'm thrilled that beyotch Nina is gone. Let's face it, she was my biggest competition. Garrett is all mine now!
Garrett: Tonight wasn't easy, and it's only going to get harder from here on out. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that my wife is under this roof.
Nervous: So, can I get Cassandra's number? That girl is crazy as SimHell, but Garrett says she sure knows how to kiss.

If you're watching the current season of ABC's The Bachelor, you'll find Cassandra's admission at the end especially funny. She did in fact have woohoo in the house. I let the girls who had jobs keep them, and shot the dates around their work schedules. Cassandra brought home a co-worker named Nawaf. I didn't really pay him any attention, because I was busy shooting pictures of Garrett with the other girls. Good old ACR kicked in and a cut scene popped up showing Cassandra and Nawaf doing the deed. It happened too fast for me to get pics, so Cassandra didn't meet the same fate as Rozlyn.

I forgot to note the ACR scores before exiting the game, but Garrett did have the highest chemistry (3 bolts) with Nina. She got the boot (or rather I let her leave) because she had the lowest relationship scores with Garrett. She was the only one he hadn't made at least friends with. They have nothing in common. Every conversation ends with one of them plugging their ears. Cassandra had the lowest chemistry (1 bolt) with Garrett, so that's why she wasn't asked to stay.

I apologize for the pics in this post. The girls look like mannequins in the opening pic, and I think I close-ups of each person speaking at the end would have been a nice touch. I'm anxious to get this update out so that I can start thinking about Day 3, and I don't want to fire up the game at the moment!


  1. LOL, I love that Cassandra woohooed in the house! Oh my wonder she got the boot. I think Garrett made the right choice, for sure.

  2. It's always hard to see someone leave, but I'm sure Cassandra will be fine

  3. Hahahaha, I never would've pegged Cassandra for a Rozlyn.

    A friend recommended this Bachelor blog to me, and I now see why. I'm OBSESSED with The Bachelor, and I'm obsessed with The Sims 2 and story writing, so a well written Sims 2 Bachelor challenge is like a dream come true. :) I like Florence. Jessica and Chloe don't rub me the right way, and we'll see about the others ;)

  4. @Carla,

    You gotta love Cass! She was one of the ones I was rooting for, but she and Garrett didn't have much chemistry so I knew her future with him was bleak. I can't wait to get back to her lot to see what happens with her and Nawaf!

  5. @Jenni,

    Welcome! I'm glad I could bring your two obsessions together! :) I never pictured Cass as a Rozlyn either. I would have pegged Jessica for that.

  6. @jungfrun68, I'm sorry I didn't see your comment until this morning. I usually get an e-mail notification when a comment has been added. Stupid Google!

    Anyway, yes, I think Cassandra will be fine. Though, I can't wait until she does meet Mr. Right. You can be sure she will have the wedding of the century! :)