Thursday, March 4, 2010

Excited about the new S3 Expansion Pack!

EA has officially announced the next S3 expansion pack  --  Sims 3: Ambitions! It looks like we will finally be able to follow our Sims  to work! EAxis got a lot of things wrong with Sims 3, but I think they excelled in the career and skill building aspects.

The expansion pack goes on sale in June 2010, and I am super excited!

What are your thoughts on the new expansion pack?


  1. It sounds like it will fill in the game very well.

  2. Well, TS3 has the right framework, with the seamless hood and all, for us to be able to follow our Sims to work. It could be interesting! I'll have to wait until I hear a bit more before I decide to buy it though.