Sunday, June 5, 2011

Round 1: Martinez 1–Back in the Saddle


Me: Hey, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Well, it’s about time. I’ve been waiting for you for ages. Where have you been?

Me: Long story. Anyway, it’s for your own good that I have been away because I have a bone to pick with you, girl.

Jennifer: *wincing* Is this about Pablo?

Me: It’s not just about Pablo. It’s about your poor choice in men in general. I was happy for you that you broke free from Pablo, but since then you have been flitting from man to man. I think you have some issues, Jen.

Jennifer: I don’t have issues.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-04-56-13

Me: Really? You’re involved with three men right now, none who have a good track record in terms of fidelty. And you’re still giving your Gigolo ex-husband the time of day.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-04-35-81

Jennifer: Can we discuss this later? I’m going on a job interview today.

Me: Admitting you have a problem is the first step, Jen.


While Jennifer was working, I panned the camera around town. The first thing I saw was a traffic jam at the school. I have so many kids and teenagers in this hood now that by the time they all get inside, the school day is almost over. And, it takes hours for them all to come home at night. Some of the teens are late to work because they can’t get out of the school building on time. I may need to add another school building to the hood.


I spotted townie Coby Frederick at the park, but he should have been at the hospital.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-13-06-42


I spotted townie Galen Hickey in the park. A reader had asked what he looked like, so here he is. He has aged to Mature Adult now, but he was a pretty hunk Young Adult.


Clark Sauer was sitting outside the bookstore.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-27-14-36

Make that, Clark Baker. Clark seems like a nice guy, but I was hoping Becky would hook up with that firefighter.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-14-00-83

And more townies find love.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-28-26-93

So Jared’s daughters are named Emily and Charlotte. I swear I’m not doing a Bronte theme with them. It’s a coincidence.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-18-13-79

Congrats on getting the job, Jen. Sorry you have to work for Gus Hart.


Jennifer: *giggling* Sure, tonight at seven sounds great.

Me: Um, who was that?

Jennifer: It was Chuck Colbert, and he just asked me out.

Me: *sigh*

Jennifer: Oh, don’t even start. Chuck is a good guy. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to the prince.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 14-13-23-62

Me: Pucker up, baby.

Jennifer: Look, I don’t need your negativity. I’m going out with him and that’s final.


Jennifer and Chuck went to The Grind, and the joint was jumping. I wished the game was smarter and made sure spouses danced with each other.


I love this shot. I imagine Thornton is looking across the room at Morgana and really seeing her for the first time. In my head, Thornton married Morgana because she was the “appropriate” choice rather than because he loved her. Beautiful, traditional, educated girl from a good family. The perfect wife for a future Fortune 500 CEO.

Jennifer: Um, I thought you were telling me story. The Wolffs will have their turn.

Me: Sorry.


I gave Chuck a makeover because I couldn’t stand his original look. I think he’s really cute now. Suddenly, I hope things work out between him and Jennifer. Unfortunately, at the end of the night Chuck said he had a horrible time. (I missed getting the screen cap).

Me: So, I guess you and Chuck are not a match?

Jennifer: *dejectedly* No, and I really thought he had potential. I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

Me: At least you got yourself out there again. Just be patient. The right guy will turn up. And for Will’s sake, stay away from Pablo!

Sorry that this entry was all over the place. Jennifer really didn’t give me much to work with. Anyway, I played this back in February, so I’m now caught up to my playing. The next entry will come out after Twallan has fixed SP. It will run with Generations, but he has not yet added Generation features to the mod. It does not work well with the new adjustable lifespans and other users are reporting issues with boarding schools and teen parties. I want to see those issues resolved before I play with the mod.


  1. Welcome back! :)

    Poor Jen- she certainly has kissed a lot of frogs! Hopefully Chuck will give her a second chance after the lousy date, because he certainly is a cutie.

    I have the same issue with the SV school. I wonder if placing down another school rabbit hole will solve things?

    Great update! :)

  2. Thanks for reading, Cheezy! It's great to be back.

    Yes, I hope Chuck comes around too.

    I know other players have placed other schools in their towns. I may try it if I can find the space. Of course now that I have Generations, I could ship some of them off to Boarding School. :)

  3. Hi, glad to see you're back! I've got issues with my Google account, so we'll see if my comment sticks!

  4. Omg you finally came back to the Mega Maxis side of thngs!!!