Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's (Almost) Showtime

The release of Showtime is right around the corner. The Sims 3 site will be down for maintenance for several hours tomorrow while they make the changes to "My Page."  A patch may be released tomorrow which means I'll be mod-less until Twallan releases updates. He's usually pretty quick about the updates, though.

I know the Simport feature is controversial, but I plan to try it out. I also plan to work on the achievements. I am really concerned how these new features coupled with mods is going to affect the stability of my game, so I am thinking I will probably run the game without mods for a few weeks.  Twallan has also released a new phase of his Story Progression mod, so I'm going to have to test that out first before I can play my Mega Maxis save with it. I'm thinking I'll be able to resume posting in mid-to-late April. Gosh darn it, I'm going to finish Sunset Valley!

I've also been meaning to ask you guys this: When I finish Round 1 of Sunset Valley, would you rather I continue with Round 2 in SV or should I move on to Riverview? It's taken me over a year to get through Sunset Valley. It's true I had a lot of long breaks in between, but I'm thinking at this rate it could be like seven years before I get to Round 2. Should I just play this hood out completely and then move on to Riverview or should Round 1 be a full rotation of all the hoods? Please post your opinion in the comments.

Finally, if anyone is interested in Simporting with me (why does that sound so wrong?), feel free to send me a friend request on The Sims 3 site.  (Remember the site will be down for several hours tomorrow starting at 8 AM PST).

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  1. It's probably impossible to play "through" one neighbourhood at a time - the sims continue to procreate all the time and you will never be finished. And who is? That's the whole point with the Sims - it never ends!