Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Round 1--Ursine 1: He's Just Not That Into You

Author’s Note: EA recently released the new store neighborhood, Lunar Lakes. When EA comes out with a new hood it makes me nostalgic for my Mega Maxis blog. This draft has been sitting on my hard drive for several weeks now, so I thought I’d blow off the dust and finish it up. I started writing this not long after the 1.29 patch came out, so I know the fixed babies is old news. Anyway, here it is….

Me: Hey, Claire! Wow, it's true. EA really did fix the baby heads. Tracey looks adorable.

Claire: Um, who is Tracey? My daughter's name is Emily.

Me: Oh, you're right, my bad. I confused her with someone else.

Claire: I am just about to put her down for her nap. One of the neighborhood teens is going to watch her while I go work out at the gym.

Me: Trying to lose the baby weight?

Claire: Yes, and I've been noticing this really cute guy at the gym lately. I think he might be interested in me.

Me: Careful, Claire. You don't want to repeat the mistake you made with Jared.

Claire: I won't. Things moved way too fast with Jared. I'm going to take it slow.

Claire: *excitedly* He's here! He's the one in the long blue pants on the weights machine.

Me: You mean, Dave Ramsey? My, you have a thing for the redheads, don't you?

Claire: Well, I am one myself, aren't I?

Me: True.

Claire: Hey, Dave. That was a great game last night. Congrats on scoring the winning point.

Dave:  Thanks, I am pretty stoked about it.

Claire:  I haven't missed a single game on tv this season

Dave: Aw, television doesn't really do the game justice. You've got to come down to the stadium and watch the next one.

Claire: I would love to, but I have a baby girl at home.

Dave: You should bring her to the game.

Claire: I think a crying baby might annoy your other fans.

Dave: Not a problem. I can get you a seat in one of the VIP sky boxes. It'll just be you and the baby.

Claire: Wow! You'd do that for me?

Dave: Anything for a fan.

Claire: Wow, Dave, that is so generous of you. You have to let me make it up to you. How about I make you dinner?

Dave: Um-

Claire: Oh, silly me. Your wife or girlfriend must be waiting for you at home.

Dave: No, it's not that. I just don't want you to go out of your way, that's all.

Claire: I'm not going out of my way.  I have to eat anyway, right?

Dave: I guess you're right.

Me: Claire...

Claire: Is the salad ok?

Dave: Yes, it's fine.

Claire: Well, eat up. You don't want to miss dessert.

Dave: Um, dessert?

Claire: Yes, birthday cake. For my daughter.

Me: Happy birthday, Tra--er--Emily!

 Claire: Gee, Dave, I didn't realize it was so late. I can't in good conscience let you drive back home tonight. Why don't you stay over?

Me: Claire, you invited him to your house for your daughter's birthday, and you asked him to stay the night. I thought you were going to take it slow!

Claire: I was, but I just can't help myself. He's so cute, and he's a professional athlete which means he's in good shape and will probably make a lot of money. Where is he anyway?

Me: He decided to sleep in the guest room.

Claire: Wow, he's such a gentleman.

Me: He's either or a gentleman or...

Claire: Or what?

Me: Or he's just not that into you. Try to calm down. I don't want to see you get hurt again. I'll see you next round.


Fiona is moving on, but I would have sworn Eugene was already dating someone.


Wait! Did Katrina and Pablo break up?

The only people Pablo can stay committed to are his fellow gigolos.

Chuck is the guy that Jennifer went out with. I guess she can definitely cross him off her list now. Chuck is married with a child.

Sweet… Mortimer has a baby sister!

Marriage #2 for Tamara. Where in the world did Floyd come from?

I hope this one sticks for Stiles.

What??? Ladies of Sunset Valley,Y U NO LIKE STILES McGRAW?????

Better luck next time, Stiles.

The lot of Madison VanWatson is up next. Stay tuned…


  1. Ooh, I wish my babies' heads were fixed. >.< The computer I play sims on doesn't have internet so I can't update to the newest patch until I get a new EP/SP. Great post Snarky, I can't wait to read about Madison!!!! :D

    ~Calista Smith

  2. It seems like we exchanged one lighting issue for another. The baby heads are fixed, but now there is a horrible glare on some of the counter tops. I really wish EA would get it together.

  3. How out of the loop am I then? I had no idea there was a problem with babies!

    Claire and Dave might make a good couple, once he gets over his "gentlemanly" thing, lol!

  4. Sorry for the delay in replying, Carla. Yes, there was a lighting issue with the baby's head. They had dark patches on the sides of their heads.

    Claire is definitely interested, but Dave is keeping his cards close to his chest. I can't wait to see what happens with them.

  5. You're alive! And me, too, waking up a bit late only...
    Claire isn't one to take it slow, is she? :)

  6. "Ladies of Sunset Valley,Y U NO LIKE STILES McGRAW?????"

    You are KILLING me with these posts! I love it. I'm having so much fun getting to know all of these crazy families. :D

    1. Umm, even when i played the Roomies household, it seemed like Emma liked Connor, Tamara liked Xander, Blair and Cycl0n3 liked each other, and since Jared likes Madison (and got Claire pregnant), Christopher likes Jamie, Leighton likes Monika, Agnes is still bitter about Erik's death, Ayesha is apparently either lesbian or alpha for Gobias, Fiona and Molly are a bit too old and already have kids either by adoption (fiona) or from a dad who lives away and also already had other kids (molly. sandi's dad is suppose to be goodwin goode. look at the images in the tutorial for friendships.) so it might not work. This leaves us with Tori, Zelda, Yumi, and Erin. Erin is a bit too old and seems to me like someone who only cares about atleticism and military prowess. Yumi is just plain old. Zelda and Stiles are the same age and both in the music career track, but their personalities kinda clash. And that leaves Tori Kimura. They already live next door, but apparently either Tori is a lesbian (i once had Tori\Bebe Hart in a save file) or even her finds him way too plain.