Thursday, January 31, 2008

Townie Directory

Aurora is a friend of Oberon and Titania Summerdream. Oberon introduced her to Antonio Monty as a potential love interest, but it appears that Aurora is more interested in Oberon.

Danielle is a potential love interest for Darren Dreamer.

Lisa began the game as a child. She quickly befriended Lucy Burb and was aged to teen on Lucy's teen birthday. Lisa also has the "pleasure" of being Benedict Monty's first.

Erik Gergis is a friend of Amanda and Ajay Loner. He served as Ajay's best man and met his potential love interest, Erin Beaker, at the wedding.

Ratna caught Romeo Monty's eye and earned the right to go to college with him.

Kaylynn hardly needs an introduction. She currently services the houses (and men) of Pleasantview.

Jason is one of the social group townies. Bohemian?

Waylon is another social group townie. Jock? He fell hard for Nina Caliente, and now Nina is doing her best to dodge him.

Anthony is the object of Nina's current flirtation.

Cindy and all the other Peau townies are custom townies created to show off the RenSim's Peau skin tones. Here's a trivia tidbit: All of the Peau townies are named after models.

Maurice is the object of Miranda Capp's teenage fantasies. It will be interesting to see what happens with these two when she graduates high school.

Adrian Sell is a friend of Angela Pleasant and will be attending college with her.

Marcel went on a blind date with Cassandra Goth.

Kaylynn lives in the same apartment complex as Antonio Monty and the two have taken advantage of the convenience.

Virginia Wade is a friend of Desdemona Capp and is perhaps the only teen in Veronaville not intimidated by Tybalt Capp.

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