Friday, March 13, 2009

Round 1: Singles 1

Round 1: Singles 1
In Love and War

Kristen Loste, Erin Beaker, and Lola and Chloe Curious-Smith have decided to share a house in Strangetown. Can these four very different women live together in peace?
Me: I guess not. Girls, what's going on? Why are you fighting?
Chloe: Kristen was talking smack about my sister, and I want her to take it back.
Me: Take it back? What, are you twelve or something?
Kristen: I wasn't talking smack about Lola. Lola is my best friend. I was expressing my concern that she's getting too close to Ajay. With the Alphabet Twist in place, they can't get married, so I'm worried she's setting herself up for heartbreak.
Chloe: So you saying "Oh, my Will, I can't believe Lola is sleeping with Ajay. She's such a skank!" is just your way of expressing concern?
Me: Obviously, you missed the subtext, Chloe. Well, I'll leave you girls to duke it out. I'm going to check in on Erin.
Erin: Hey, Glen, I hear the Capps have opened a new seafood restaurant in Veronaville. Would you like to check it out?
Glen: Hold your horses, there, girlie. Are you aksing me out? You're Loki Beaker's sister, aren't you?
Erin: *mumbles* Yes.
Glen: No offense, sweet stuff. You are totally smoking hot, but I'm not touching Loki Beaker's sister with a ten-foot pole. If things go south with us, I'll become Loki's next experiment.
Erin: It's okay, I understand. I get that a lot.
Me: It must be hard being Loki's sister.
Erin: Most of the guys in the Uberhood are scared of him. I haven't had a date in three years! I wish people would give my brother a chance. He's made some poor choices in life, but he's a good guy deep down.
Me: Say, Erin, have you heard of this river in Egypt?
Lola: Shooflea?
Me: Uh-oh! Lola, you're having a baby!
Lola: Yes, I guess Ajay and I weren't as careful as we thought.
Me: *sigh* Oh, well, maybe this will be my first non-abduction green baby.
Me: Maybe not.
Lola: Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Madison.
Me: Yes, she's cute. Welcome, Madison, you obviously take after your father.
Me: Wow, Kristen! Madison looks more like your daughter than Lola's.
Kristen: I do hope to have one of my own someday.
Me: Hang in there. A guy with a K-name is bound to walk by sometime. Maybe you should go to the Capp's new seafood restaurant with Erin. Consort has a son named Kent. And with you being a Fortune Sim, the Capp family would be a great family for you to marry into.
Kristen: Hmm, Kent Capp? I'll keep him in mind.
Me: Lola, how sweet. You invited Ajay over to see his new daughter.
Lola: Huh? I booty called him... but yeah, I guess he can see Madison too.
Me: You booty called him? Perhaps Kristen was right after all. Let's not make baby #2, ok? I'll be watching you.
Lola: *giggles* Oh, you're so funny!
Me: Totally unphased again! Sheesh!
Me: Good for Ajay. He's taking Madison to the refrigerator all on his own. At least he's not going to be a deadbeat dad.
With the exception of Lola, I want to strangle these women! All week, these girls did nothing but flirt with every guy who walked by and beat the crap out of each other. Not a single one of them made progress towards her lifetime want. I thought about moving Kristen and Erin out, but I didn't want to deal with the trashcan being kicked over every five minutes.
Madison is the direct result of ACR. I am shocked that two Fortune Sims who aren't even engaged to each other chose to try for baby. I really like Lola and Ajay as a couple too, but sadly there's that pesky Alphabet twist. But that's the point of a challenge, isn't it? Lola will have to deal with being a single parent and Ajay will have to figure out how to maintain a relationship with his daughter.
Speaking of Ajay, he's up next. Stay tuned...


  1. Yikes, you've just reminded me why I've been avoiding playing that household ...

    That was funny - ACR is trying to screw up the alphabet twist! so, hello Madison!

    "Say, Erin, have you heard of this river in Egypt?" - I lol'd at this :-)

  2. Awww, shame about the twist because Lola and Ajay do make a cute couple!

    I've played Strangetown 3 times and I only played the Singles as is on the first go. I split them up on subsequent rounds. I admire your resolve - I can't deal with those girls together!

  3. Oh, wow. Lola had a baby! And the girls are fighting, LOL. It's like The Bad Girls Club up in here!

  4. @simstate,

    Yep, Madison has ACR to thank for her existence!

    Lola and Ajay do make me regret the twist.


    LOL at "The Bad Girls Club!"