Saturday, March 28, 2009

Round 1: Loner 1

Round 1: Loner 1
Make it Pink

Ajay Loner is new to Strangetown, but he has already made himself at home with neighbor Lola Curious-Smith. Let's see how Ajay is doing...
Me: Good morning, Ajay. At it again, with your baby mama?
Ajay: She would be my wife if you would drop your silly Alphabet twist.
Me: Sorry, no can do.
Ajay: But her first initial matches my last initial. So if I went by Loner, Ajay. It would work.
Me: Nice try. Look, don't get me wrong, Ajay. I think you and Lola are a very cute couple. But if I make an exception for you guys, then I have to make an exception for everyone. And, what's the point of the twist if I allow exceptions?
Ajay: But we have shippers.
Me: Ha! You have shippers?
Ajay: Sure, we do. I've heard about the positive comments from your readers. I like to call our shippers "Lojays."
Me: *faceplam*
Ajay: So you have to let us marry, or suffer the wrath of the Lojays.
Me: I think I'll take my chances. And noone likes a Sim with a big ego, so cool it with the shipper talk. Now, will you tell me what I can help you with?
Ajay: Well, I'd like to get to the top of the Entertainment track.
Me: Finally, something I can achieve. And nice try with the want to propose to Lola, but it's not going to happen.
Me: Congrats on the quick promotion. You're on your way to the top.
Ajay: I'd rather be on my way down the aisle.
Me: Excuse me, what is the obsession with getting married? Aren't you a Fortune Sim?
Ajay: Yes, but my secondary aspiration is Family.
Me: Oh, I see. Well, I guess we can indulge your familial side then.
Ajay: You mean I can marry Lola?
Me: No way, Ajay! But, you can marry townie Amanda Alioto. I think she's into you, too. And both her first and last initials start with A.
Me: Congrats on another promotion, Ajay. Are you working on your mime moves? That arm looks painful! Anyway, what did you think Amanda?
Ajay: She seems like a sweet girl. And she's a Family sim, which is good, but physically I'm not very attracted to her. I prefer dark hair, not red.
Me: *tsk-tsk* Ajay, that can be fixed easily.
Me: Va-va-va-voom! Amanda is simply gorgeous with black hair. And she's the first Sim to try out some custom hair. What do you think Ajay?
Ajay: Me likey.
Me: And Amanda is the first townie to join the playable ranks.
Me: And she has an easy lifetime want. Well, it'll be easy if ACR behaves.

Me: Welcome, Amanda.
Amanda: Thank you. I'm excited to be playable. There were rumors that we could hear your voice if we became playable.
Me: It's true. So, it looks like you're doing some redecorating.
Amanda: Yes, Ajay gave me free reign to change things around so I would feel more at home.
Me: The bedroom is very pink, don't you think?
Amanda: But I love pink!
Me: Hmm, well we'll see what Ajay has to say about all this pink.
Me: Uh-oh, Lola decided to stop by for a visit. I wonder how she'll react to seeing her baby daddy's new live-in girlfriend. Thank goodness Ajay isn't home.
Me: *headdesk* Ajay, you would get a promotion today, wouldn't you?
Ajay: I'm a lounge singer, now.
Me: Well, go in the backyard and practice on the karaoke machine. And whatever you do, stay away from the house!
Ajay: But-
Me: No, buts, now skedaddle. *cursing ACR*
Lola: Look, Amanda, we can be adult about this. Ajay and I have a child together, so I'll always be in his life. I don't begrudge you for being with him. I can't blame you. He's a great kisser, isn't he? You're in for a treat, believe me!
Amanda: I can't listen to anymore of this.
Me: I agree. Why don't you an Ajay got out to dinner?
Ajay: Amanda, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?
Amanda: *gushing* Oh, Ajay! It's beautiful.
Me: Um, Amanda, you haven't actually seen the ring yet.
Amanda: It's so beautiful, Ajay. I'm very happy.
Me: Another promotion? You have done extremely well at work this week.
Ajay: Thanks. I need these promotions now that there is a wedding to pay for.
Me: You're telling me!
Erik: Congrats on your engagement, Ajay. Amanda is a great girl, and you're a lucky guy. I hope to find a girl to settle down with soon.
Ajay: I know someone who might be interested in meeting you. In fact, she's going to be Amanda's Maid of Honor. How about you be my Best Man?
Erik: I'm really looking forward to standing up for Ajay in the wedding.
Erin: Yes, I'm looking forward to being Amanda's Maid of Honor as well.
Erik: You don't feel the least bit awkward, with being Lola's roommate and all?
Erin: Nope.
Erik: That's cool. I bet Amanda is going to look lovely in her dress. I wouldn't be surprised if it's pink!
Me: Well, we have to give Amanda some credit. The dress is not completely pink, but she did stick Ajay with a pink tuxedo. Now dear readers, please forgive me for gratuitous wedding photo spam.
Me: *channeling my inner wedding photographer* I love this shot of Amanda right before the big kiss.
Me: How's the wedding cake, guys?
Ajay: It's great.
Me: I'm really looking forward to seeing and tasting my own wedding cake. My baker is doing a custom design to match my dress.
Ajay: *not sounding the least bit interested* That's nice.
Me: I'm sorry to bore you with the details, Ajay, but I've exhausted the good graces of my co-workers. Anyway, it looks like your fixup may be working. I think Erik likes Erin.
Ajay: Yeah, maybe you'll have another wedding to plan soon. Now if you'll excuse us...
Me: Of course. Wow, even Amanda's fireworks are pink!
Ok, Lola and Ajay fans, Ajay is not a dog! Amanda and Ajay getting married was completely my doing. Ajay had wants to get engaged to Lola up until the time I had him propose to Amanda. Amanda is a Family Sim, but she never spun up wants to get engaged, get married or even have a baby. At first, I was thinking that Amanda was the worst Family Sim I've ever seen. On second thought, I realized that if I were in her position I wouldn't be eager to marry a man that just had a baby with another woman either.
The whole Lola showing up after Amanda moved in really happened. I swear this game has some secret AI to bring by the most undesirable walkby at the worst moment. I was saying to myself, "At least Ajay isn't home." No sooner had I said that, that I heard the promotion jingle. Come on, what are the odds? I really did send him to practice on the karaoke machine because I had already decided that Ajay and Amanda were getting married, and I didn't want ACR screwing it up!
You may have also noticed that this is the lot I was on when I started experimenting with custom content. From here on out, the Sims will have Rensim's Peau skin tones. See my post on custom content to see what else I'm using.
Random Fact: The title "Make it Pink" is a nod to Disney's Sleeping Beauty. In the movie, two of the fairy godmothers constantly argue over the color of Aurora's dress. Merryweather changes it to blue by casting the simple spell, "Make it blue," and Flora counters with the commad, "Make it pink."
Thanks to everyone for commenting. I'm so sorry I fell behind in replying to your comments, but I will get to them. I promise!
The Pets expansion pack introduced three new families, but not a new neighborhood, so I had decide where to place them. After reading the Kim family's backstory, it seemed fitting that they live in Strangetown, so they're up next. I hope I can get the Kim update out before I go on my honeymoon. The wedding is three weeks from today!!!! Stay tuned...


  1. ~ships for Ajay and Lola~ Awww... darn alphabet twist.

    Good thing you sent Ajay to sing some karaoke, otherwise hello to picking up the garbage can a million times a day.

    Three more weeks? Go you! ^_^

  2. Wow, that's a lot of pink! And LOL, he didn't take much persuasion, did he? So much for true love ;)

    Wow, three weeks! Congrats and good luck! I hope everything goes perfectly! :)

  3. Good luck for your wedding!

    I wonder who Lola will end up with, now that Amanda has Ajay? The only playable I can think of is Loki Beaker. Eek! Are you divorcing the couples who are already married who don't fit the alphabet twist or leaving them as is?

  4. Too. Much. Pink.

    I hope Lola finds someone she cares as much about as Ajay.

    Good luck on your upcoming wedding. Your cake sounds lovely, I hope you share pics.

  5. Ha ha - Amanda and her pink obsession! I hope AJ doesn't go blind from all that pinkness :-) Darn alphabet twist!

    Oooh - your wedding is so near already!

  6. @Lunar Fox and @simstate,

    I agree with you. I'm sad that Ajay and Lola can't be together.

    You're right. It didn't take him long to marry Amanda, but I think his heart is still with Lola.

    Don't worry about a Lola and Loki match. I won't break up existing couples unless they spin up the want. I'm not sure who Lola will end up with. The only person I can think of right now is Leod McGreggor from Riverblossom Hills. I think he's a Romance Sim.

    @Petalbrook and @simstate
    Yes, there was a pink explosion. Amanda just struck me as a girly-girl who surround herself with pink.

    1. What about changing the names, like Ajay becoming Leejay?

  7. The pink! My poor, poor retinas. xD

    I'm sad for Lola and Ajay, but I hope that Amanda can fill that void. Now Lola has to find someone!

  8. I love how she said, they said if I became playable I could hear your voice! and I loved the pink. It reminded me of the Squeaky Clean legacy...wasn't that the one where the first generation the WHOLE house was pink like pepto?

  9. Shannon, yes that's a rule I have set up for myself. I can't speak directly to townies and NPCS since they are not controllable.

    Yay, I'm glad someone liked the pink! :) Amanda came across to me a girly-girl. And Maxis put her in a completely pink outfit by default, so I just went with it.