Saturday, August 27, 2011

Round 1: McGraw 1–Unwelcome Houseguest


Stiles McGraw lives in a house with three available women, but somehow he is still single.


The reason is this man, Shelby (Waugh) Donner, the recently ex-husband of Stiles’ roommate, Tamara. Shelby is a gigolo-in-training, but he made the bonehead mistake of getting involved with roommate Emma Hatch. Tamara discovered Shelby’s infidelity and kicked him to the curb.


Emma is thrilled that Shelby is a free man, but Shelby is not interested in a long-term relationship with her.


Shelby prefers bubbly, flirty, outgoing ladies, and Emma is decidedly none of those things.


Emma hopes to impress Shelby with her maternal skills by taking care of his son, Samuel.


Shelby is oblivious to Emma’s efforts because he’s too busy trying to get back into Tamara’s graces.


Shelby is too late, though, because Tamara has already found a new love interest in Hank Goddard.


They have gotten quite cozy, so Tamara wants Shelby to move out.


Shelby is not keen on moving out and leaving his son behind.


Maybe if he can get something going with Tamara’s other roommate, Blair Wainwright, he’ll be able to stick around.


And, it looks like his plan might be working!


TS3W 2011-06-10 15-57-23-25

Tamara’s on-again/off-again boyfriend, Xander Clavell has found a new love.

TS3W 2011-06-10 15-58-46-67

It’s a girl for the Langeraks! I really like the name “Mia.”

TS3W 2011-06-10 16-09-02-15

It wouldn’t be an update if someone wasn’t hating on Pauline.

TS3W 2011-06-10 16-11-41-70

Katrina really has no room to criticize Pauline. Katrina is the one who can’t stay away from the gigolos.

TS3W 2011-06-10 16-09-36-06

Molly, have you lost your mind trying to tangle with Talia? She don’t play that!


  1. Ha, this house is like something out of a soap opera! Imagine living with your ex-husband and the woman he cheated on you with!

  2. Yeah, this house is crazy. Shelby put the moves on every woman in the house. If Stiles was gay, he probably would have put the moves on him too!

    Shelby did eventually move out, but he moved in with Jamie (Jolina) Frio, who also has Hank Goddard living with her. That house will be interesting to play next time.

  3. Yoú could use your game play as a base for a blockbuster "drama" series :)
    By the way, Mia is what my RL friends call me!

  4. Hi, Mia. I think that is a pretty name. I can't wait to see how Illiana's daughter turns out.

    The Sunset Valley residents sure do have a lot of drama going on, don't they?