Saturday, November 26, 2011

Round 1: McIrish 1—She’ll Cut You

So, um, yeah, it’s been awhile since I last posted to this blog. I really want to finish Round 1 of Sunset Valley before the end of this year. I’ve got ten houses left after this one, assuming no one splits up. I’m going to try.


And speaking of trying, Molly French is really trying to focus on training up her daughter, Sandi, but Molly has wooing on the brain.

TS3W 2011-09-03 12-27-04-06

As do Cassanova Shelby Donner and Tart Jamie Frio. I need to go back and read my previous entries because I don’t remember Jamie getting divorced from Connor. I bet the Romantic Reputation system is to blame.

TS3W 2011-09-03 12-27-17-38

Here  she goes again. If this Harry Chesterman is anything like the Harry Chesterman in my Lazlo save, then this is not a good choice for Jennifer. Of course, when has Jennifer ever made a good choice where a man was concerned?


While Molly is training Sandi, River McIrish is entertaining her ex-stepdad, Zachariah and his friend, Berjes Anderson, with a ghost story. This is another gem from Generations that annoys me to no end.

TS3W 2011-09-03 12-54-31-32

I tell you, something else that annoys me to no end is Hank Goddard having babies with women other than Pauline Wan! I swear, I’m going to make another save and make them both family-oriented, nurturing, and hopeless romantics just so I can see them settle down.

TS3W 2011-09-03 12-55-43-86

Pauline is not helping things by finding a new boy toy.


The McIrish household was really boring, so I took some of them down to the park to see what drama  I could find. What I found was Noemi Foley making eyes at her roommate’s boyfriend.


The boyfriend in question is Torgo Pendragon, and the roommate in question is none other than Talia Epperson. Noemi, are you crazy, girl??? Talia doesn’t play. She’ll cut you.


I also found the townie boys hanging out at a picnic. From left to right, Milton Tong, Dave Ramsey, Abraham Finkell, and Gage Briody. You’ll always see these guys to start in a fresh Sunset Valley save.This picture gives me déjà vu. Have I used this picture in a previous entry?


River has a crush on Lawrence Lum. It looks like she wants to invite him to a costume party.

TS3W 2011-09-03 12-56-13-09

She thinks about him a lot.

TS3W 2011-09-03 12-46-39-73

Unfortunately for her, he is thinking about someone else.


TS3W 2011-09-03 12-47-39-94

Xander has found another victim. Nothing new there.

TS3W 2011-09-03 13-02-23-11

Blair has also found someone. Since Cycl0n3 Sw0rd is with Gwen Glover, I would like to see Blair get together with Stiles McGraw.

TS3W 2011-09-03 13-07-08-80

I just captured this because I thought the name Honey Pisces was cool.


  1. Long time no see!
    Glad you're back!

  2. Yep, I'm back. I really want to finish this round before the end of the year, so I'm going to have a massive play spree tomorrow to get through the last seven houses.