Sunday, February 6, 2011

Round 1: Hart 1–Of Cemeteries and Park Benches


When I switched to the Hart Household, I found Dorie and Bebe hanging out in the cemetery.  I don’t know why I was surprised, they are the town loons.

Me: Um, hi, Dorie and Bebe. I didn’t expect to find you two here.

Dorie: We’re enjoying the scenery. This is a great spot to watch the sun rise.

Me: You’re right, the view is very pretty. It’s kind of a shame to waste it on the dead.

Dorie and Bebe: *crickets*

Me: Ok, my bad, even for me, that was too snarky.


Dorie: I like to come here and meditate. It’s peaceful.

Me: It gives all those voices in your head less competition.


Gus is more outgoing than Dorie, so he wanted to hang at the park and mingle with his neighbors.

Me: Gus, spontaneously choking yourself is not good for PR.

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 19-38-27-31

Me: Since both you and Dorie want to enter the Political scene, you’re going to need to learn to control your impulses.


While Gus was at the park, I spotted Katrina Martinez, Pablo’s new wife. I tried to use Tallinn's Master Controller Mod to change her outfit, but I couldn’t because Katrina is pregnant! (I guess I missed that notification too.)

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 19-42-43-03

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 20-02-06-47

Marriage and babies hasn’t stopped either Pablo or Jamie from offering their services to everyone in Sunset Valley.


Score! I caught Pablo in the act of working his magic on Emma Hatch. Don’t waste your time Pablo, Emma is already part of a love triangle.

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 20-11-35-63

I’m confused here. Remember an entry or so ago Emma was creeping around with Tamara’s husband Shelby? Which one do you want, Emma? I want you Sims to be juicy, but a “Big Love” style household is too much for me.


After watching the sun come up, Dorie relocated herself to a bench outside of the theater. I’m surprised Dorie doesn’t have the Couch Potato trait because just about every time I switched to her, she was sitting on a bench. Then, she would stand up, walk over to another bench, and sit down. Her bio says that she “lacks direction,” but she sure has a built in GPS for park benches!


Me: Homework troubles, Bebe?

Bebe: I’m struggling with trigonometry. I’m having a hard time remembering all of the functions.

Me: Don’t beat yourself up. It will come to you.

Bebe: *sobs* No, it won’t. I want to go to college really bad, but I know I’m going to end up like my parents.

Me: Bebe, first of all there is no University expansion pack for TS3, but if there were crazy people can still go to college. I went to an Ivy-League college and met some of the craziest people there. Weird thing was they were all in the same major.

Bebe: I want to major in Math. Please don’t tell me it was Math.

Me: Ok… I won’t tell you it was Math.

It was Math!

By the way, if you’re wondering what college I graduated from, I have two words for you: John Nash.


Bebe: Thanks. I have to go now, or I’ll be late for work.

Me: You work in the cemetery? Lisa, VJ, and Holly work there too?

Bebe: It pays as well as all the other jobs and has the least hassles.

Me: I guess that’s true. It’s not like your customers are going to complain.

Bebe: At least not before midnight.

Me: Ok, see you next round.

Other SP Updates:

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 19-50-05-73

I guess things didn’t work out with the police officer, so Becky moved on to the repair man.

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 19-51-12-66

I need to read back through my older entries because I didn’t remember that Talia and Hank were dating.

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 20-14-55-68

Pauline already kicked Kristofer to the curb? Wow, she works fast!

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 20-02-20-92

Assuming Fiona was married to River’s dad, this is husband number three. She and Pablo are even.

TS3SP03 2011-02-05 20-24-10-49

I don’t know anything about Maximus Howe, but I wish Madison the best. She’s the only one of her roomies who hasn’t settled down yet.


  1. Oh gosh, Gus in the political career? Wow.

    Is Bebe insane in your game? She never has been in mine!

  2. Hey, Carla! No, Bebe isn't insane. I was just playing off the note in her bio that the town is waiting to see if she will crack.

  3. I do love the blog story in the blog, but i also love the SP updates. I'm doing a legacy similar to your one (the Lazlo's, not T&D Family) and thannks to SP and Late Night, Madison VanWatson is a one-star celebrity vampire. Her blood must be full of cholestral!

  4. LOL, Anon! Are you blogging your legacy? What's the URL?

  5. I don't know how to comment this except that I'm still reading everything and love it!

  6. Thanks, jungfrun68, that's great to hear!

  7. crazy people in math? nah nah, the craziest can be found in the political science major. i heard that department of a certain league is like a zoo, man. the mathematicians are the sane one who are misunderstood by the rest of the crazy bunch in the world.