Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Round 1: Lum 1–Dumbfounded

This  entry is going to be 99% Story Progression updates because the Lums did nothing. They are the most boring family to date. They are so boring they barely rolled any wishes. So, I have a few pictures from their day and then a boat load of SP notices.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-43-49-79


Lily had a Medical career Opportunity that required her to hunt down Eugene Hunter and  convince him to support her on some issue regarding labs. Eugene is the police officer that came to investigate the Bakers’ burglary. I have no idea why she would need to convince a police officer about a hospital issue.


Anyway, Lily caught up with Eugene at Barney’s Salon and Tattoo where Sabrina and Rhett Funke were getting makeovers. I like Sabrina’s new outfit.


Rhett…no so much. Taking fashion advice from Buster Clavell? What’s wrong with you, man?


Lawrence had a Romantic Interest in Bebe Hart, so I had him invite her over. She tried to flirt with him, but he wasn’t very responsive. He also rolled no wants for her, so I’m not expecting this relationship to go anywhere. Lawrence Dislikes Children anyway, so I don’t care if he settles down or not when he’s older.

And that is it for the Lums. On to the good stuff…

First up, the baby boom continued:

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-38-34-47

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-42-25-92

Samuel and William are the last two names on the “Popular Boy Names in Australia” list. The next ten boy names will be coming from the “Popular Boys Names in Austria” list.

 TS3SP03 2011-02-19 12-08-30-21

And the first name goes to Gwen and Cycl0n3’s son. Welcome Lukas Glover-Sw0rd. I was getting nervous about Gwen’s pregnancy because couples that had gotten pregnant after her were already having their babies. I thought I was going to have to pop into their house early to see what was going on.

A girl was also born this round.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 12-06-43-34

We are still on the Australian list for the girls. Grace is a pretty name. I would use that if a friend’s daughter didn’t already have that name.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 12-01-17-39

Tamara’s new baby wasn’t enough to keep her marriage together.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 12-02-06-20

Tamara isn’t the only newly single woman. Gee, Fiona, two Gigolos, two divorces. Do you see a pattern here?

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 12-06-36-91

If Talia and Torgo get married, I’m going to have to make them playable. Talia is my favorite townie, and who couldn’t play a family named Pendragon?

And that brings us to Hank. Hank, Hank, Hank… what on Earth were you doing this round? Keep in mind that the following updates all happened within a five minute timespan in real time.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-54-53-11

I am a Hank and Pauline shipper.  What would their couple name be? Pank? Hauline? Anyway, I am always disappointed when I see them hooking up with someone else. I like to think that what Hank did this round was caused by his insane jealousy.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-49-48-76

Araceli? Who is this biznatch, and why did Hank leave Pauline to move in with her?

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-50-01-65

Oh, that’s why. *sigh* Baby mama #2 for Hank. He and Pauline are fertile, just not with each other.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-50-51-49

I swear, this notice came less than a minute after the previous notice. He moves in with her, knocks her up, and breaks up with her! But he’s not done yet, ladies and gentlemen.

TS3SP03 2011-02-19 11-52-06-84

What in the-? Why on Earth did he move in with Jamie? She’s still married to Connor! Can you say “awkward?” I’m just dumbfounded by this, and that’s what I’m going to call this chapter.


  1. I love the SP Updates!!!! Love Them!!! No doubt about it!!! But seriously, Jamie Frio is married to Connor and he moves in with Jonnor? Is she still the town tart? BTW, you seriously need to add Pendragon 1 or Epperson 1 to the playlist. Please do it!!! Please!!! Also, did Clark Sauer end it with Pauline, because it says on the SV directory that he is married to Backy Baker

  2. Thanks, Anon. I love them too. I think I play more to see the updates than to see what the current Sims are doing. :)

    I will probably move Hank back in with Pauline when her turn comes up. LOL @ Jonnor. I love it! Yes, Jamie is still the town tart. I probably should assign that role to someone else. SP Updates aside, Jamie truly seems to be happy with Connor.

    Ok, you're giving me the push I need to put Talia and Torgo together. :) I'm trying to let SP dictate the couples, but I am attached to Talia for some reason, and Torgo seems to be a cool Sim. Ok, I will add them to the list. :)

    You have a good eye regarding Clark Sauer. I played ahead a little bit, so you'll see in the next update the he and Becky did get married.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Okay, I'm still catching up... but I keep getting distracted by other things and forget to comment. THIS, though, I must.

    Your story progression is on some serious crack, LOL! I haven't played with an unmodified version of his hack in ages, so I forgot how spastic it could be. Too funny! I always make sure to 'tweak' the romantic/etc values to suit my tastes before letting it loose but now I wish that I didn't, because this is just drama gold! I love it!