Saturday, February 12, 2011

Round 1: Keaton 1–It’s All About the Mojo


Me: Good morning, Marty!

Marty: Oh, my Will! JUSTINE! YOU BROKE THE SINK! How could she break the sink?

Me: I’m sure she didn’t do it on purpose, Marty.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 15-44-49-48

Marty: Why did she have to break it on today of all days? I’ve got to spend the morning fixing this when I need to be working out. I’ve got the practice of my life today, and I have to fix this sink. This is bad mojo, I tell you.

Me: Bad mojo?

Marty: It’s a curse I tell you.

Me: It’s just a broken sink, man. You know, you could call a repair man.

Marty: No, this is negative energy. I’ve got to get this negative energy out of my house.


Me: Gee, Justine, I didn’t know your husband was so superstitious.

Justine: Of course, he’s superstitious. He’s an athlete. He doesn’t credit his success to his abilities. He thinks it’s all good luck.

Me: Well, that works in the reverse too.

Justine: How do you mean?

Me: Well, if you lose the game you can blame it on bad luck and not your own mistakes.


Me: I hope you’re pacing yourself there, Marty. You don’t want to overdo it before practice.

Marty: There’s no such thing as overdoing it. Besides, I’ve still got to counteract that broken sink.

Me: Knock yourself out, then.

Marty: I’m serious here. I need to get some positive energy around me.

Me: Why is today’s practice so important?

Marty: The coach is going to pick the Team Captain sometime before tomorrow’s game. Being Team Captain means more money and more exposure.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 15-41-09-24

Marty: I know what will get the good mojo flowing. I’ll throw a birthday party for Jack. Good friends, good food, good times. Lots of positive energy.

Me: If you say so. Who’s on the guest list?

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-08-11-61

Marty: I’ll invite the other athletes in town and their spouses, and I’m sure Justine will want to invite a couple of her friends from the squad.

Me: Hey, Pablo Martinez is an athlete, isn’t he?

Marty: Yeah.

Me: Please, please, please, Marty! You have to invite Jennifer.

Marty: His ex-wife? Didn’t I say I wanted positive energy?

Me: I think I hear your carpool.

While Marty was at work, Justine set up for the party.


The Keatons were the first house I played after installing Outdoor Living Stuff, so they get to show off some of the new objects. I like that OLS has a wrought iron theme. That is a motif I use in my own home.


All of the items here (except the cake) come with OLS. Check out the cute lemonade clutter. It’s just decoration; your Sims can’t drink it. Though I like the items, I don’t feel there are enough items to justify the $20 price. Honestly, I think this could have easily been a set from the Sims 3 store instead.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-30-58-60

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-31-02-83


Me: Congrats on the promotion, Marty!

Marty: Thanks! See I told you. it’s all about the mojo, baby.

Me: Did you just call me baby?  I have Twallan’s Master Controller mod. You do realize I could Totally Annihilate you?

Marty: But you won’t. It’s the mojo.

Me: Speaking of mojo, is Pablo here yet?


Pablo was there all right, and he was putting the moves on Blair Wainwright. To my great disappointment, Jennifer never showed up.


Holden Wonzy did crash the party and spent a good deal of time in the Keatons’ new hot tub.


Justine brought Jack to the cake for his big moment.


But Marty was the only one interested in the celebration. Gotta give EAxis credit where credit is due. They got that one right; a one-year-old’s birthday party is for the parents, not the kid. (Doesn’t mean I still won’t throw one when I have a one-year old!)


And here is Master Jack Keaton. I think he’s a cutie.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 17-04-30-49

Can’t give EAxis too much credit. Jack didn’t eat any cake.This does raise a question. I hardly ever use the high chair because it’s easier to feed the kids on the floor. I remember in TS2 that if you put the toddler in the high chair, they could be fed a serving from the family meal. Does it work like that in TS3, too? Can a toddler really eat cake?

Anyway, I noticed something at the party.


Marty and Monika seem to be really good friends, such good friends that Gwen is even commenting on it to Cycl0n3 in the background there.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-44-46-95

Um, Marty, she’s already at your house.


Didn’t I tell you Gwen was on to them? Justine might start piecing things together too.


Leighton should get wise to the fact that his wife wasn’t ready to go home when he was.


In fact, Monika was the very last guest to leave. Uh-huh. Mojo, my butt. I’m going to be watching you two! Story Progression doesn’t lie!

A little note on the mojo thing: Marty is a neurotic Sim, so I thought a good way to show his neuroticism would be to make him very superstitious.


TS3SP03 2011-02-06 15-47-31-64

It looks like Kristofer has finally moved on from Pauline.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-57-06-00

Pauline is not going to have a working appliance in the house.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-34-47-73

Fiona, please, why don’t you get back to polishing that glass house of yours?

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-59-42-62

Nothing gets Pauline down. She’s got a new man.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 15-48-41-19

Hank is moving on too.

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-22-30-65

Ok, first Becky Baker was with Eugene Hunter and Talia was with Clark Sauer. Now Becky is with Clark and Taliia is with Eugene. You crazy Sims!

TS3SP03 2011-02-06 16-56-24-41

Um, I think this message has a bug. Shouldn’t it be “noted Shelby?” Shelby is the Casanova, not Tamara. The triangle between these three still confuses me.


  1. I like the new patio furniture! And it will be interesting to see what happens with Monica and the Mojo...

  2. Thanks, jungfun, I like the furniture too. I'm interested to see if anything happens with Monika and the Mojo too. :) I do have SP set to allow affairs, but I can't remember ever seeing any affairs happen that weren't connected to one of the personalities.

  3. If you feed a toddler in the high chair you can use the blender to make baby food from grownup food.