Sunday, February 13, 2011

Round 1: Koffi 1–More Birthdays


Me: Whoa, Gobias, I still have to get used to seeing you with a baby…and with a wife for that matter.

Gobias: I know everyone in town thought I would remain a lone wolf on the prowl.

Me: Um…

Gobias: But Sylvia captured my heart and tamed me.


Gobias: It’s cliché, I know, but I met her at a club, The Grind. She was the mixologist.

Me: That’s right, she was the mixologist. I had forgotten about that. Say, Gobias, why don’t we throw a birthday party for Ryan and put Silvia’s mixology skills to use?


Since the Koffis have three swimming pools, they decided to throw a pool party. Pablo showed up ready to mingle. Pablo, are you really checking out a woman who married Gobias Koffi?


Pablo came to his senses and focused his attention on Talia, Noemi, and Madison.


It’s time to blow out the candles, but Beau is hogging the baby. I wish visitors would leave the babies alone. In TS2, I always locked the door to the nursery to keep them out.


Wow, some of the guests actually paid attention to the birthday boy. Even Pablo glanced over for a second.


And here is Ryan Koffi. It’s hard to see in this picture but he has really deep blue eyes. He must get those from Gobias because Silvia’s eyes are a light aquamarine, nearly the same shade as her shirt.


Ok, stupid me didn’t have FRAPS running while playing the game, so I didn’t get any SP screen caps.Sad smile

These are the notices I remembered:

Madison VanWatson married Maximus Howe and they moved to 2350 Pinochle Point. Since Maximus is a townie, they took Madison’s last name. I will add a VanWatson 1 household to the play list.

Townie Anne Song married townie Galen Hickey. I’m sad that Galen didn’t marry a playable because he’s really cute.

Kristine Sanford gave birth to Hank Goddard’s son, Patrick Goddard. I was hoping that Hank would have a daughter because I thought it would be cute if she ended up getting together with Pauline’s son.

Ayesha and Jared Frio are expecting a baby.  I guess Jared really is going to have to work on his parenting skills now.

Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab are the proud parents of twin girls: Sophie and Chloe!  These are the first twins to be born in the Mega Maxis Sims 3 blog. The Landgraabs are up next so we will meet the twins soon!


  1. 1)I never play Gobias Koffi so it's interesting to read what you do with him.
    2)I'm sorry I must be a bit behind on the SP updates. Who is Galen Hicky?
    3)Just in case you didn't know, doors can be locked in The Sims 3 too. Just click on the door and lock options will appear.

  2. SP hardly ever gives me twins! But then, I hardly ever play, seeing I'm a TS2 girl. ;)

    So surprised to see Gobias got married. I always think of him as his character on Arrested Development, where he's married but it's implied that he's a closeted homosexual!

  3. I wrote the other comment. I just forgot to add something in. Have you noticed how everyone in Sunset Valley is becoming ripped? Even the sims who are overweight! Beau Andrews is a perfect example.

  4. Amazing that Malcolm will have two little sisters!

  5. @Anon, Galen Hickey is just a townie generated by Story Progression. He's really cute though. I'll need to post a picture. Thanks for the tip about the doors. Most of the time I play with walls down or partially down so I forget to look at the options on the doors.

    Also, about the ripped Sims... That more has to do with the custom defaults that I'm using instead of the Sims working out. I'm using 234jiao's Asian skins. Everyone looks like they have washboard abs. It is a little silly on a Sim like Beau, but I like the detail of the skins so I put up with it.

    However, Judy Bunch did lose all of her weight on her own. She autonomously worked out and jogged.

  6. @Carla, EAxis definitely based Gobias off of Tobias Funke (and may I add that Arrested Development is one of the funniest TV shows ever!). In his bio, they hint that he may be more interested in his male friends than his female friends. Not my Gobias, though. He was going out with a different blonde everyday. Overcompensating, maybe?

  7. @jungfrun68, I can't wait to see how the girls turn out!

  8. I just want to ask you a question. Who is the man with the very short (nearly bald, but not) hair with the tram lines from Late Night? He is seen in the picture when Sylvia is holding Ryan up to the birthday cake.

  9. Anon, I believe that is the Koffis' maid, but I will double check the next time I go into the game.