Saturday, January 1, 2011

Geoffrey Landgraab

Age: Adult

Hometown: Sunset Valley

Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoors, Charismatic 

Favorite Music: French

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Color:

Lifetime Wish: Illustrious Author

Career: Infectious Disease Researcher (Medical - 8)

Family: Wife – Nancy Landgraab; Son – Malcolm Landgraab; Daughter – Sophie Landgraab, Chloe Landgraab

Friends: Best Friend – Lily Lum, Morgana Wolff; Friend – Jamie Frio
Flings: Wife – Nancy Landgraab

Fellows: Co-Worker – Lily Lum, Morgana Wolff, Jamie Frio, Svetlana Baker
Foes: Old Enemies – Vita Alto, Nick Alto

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