Sunday, January 23, 2011

Round 1: Bachelor 1–Perfect Family

After two households of feuding family members, we get a break with the Bachelor family. The Bachelors genuinely like each other and get along splendidly. You could almost say they are the perfect family.


Almost. Jocasta still hasn’t mastered the art of cooking.


Her family doesn’t complain, though. They just grab a jelly sandwich out of the fridge instead.


Unlike the other busy families in town, the Bachelors make sure breakfast is a family affair.


Whille Simis is at work and Michael and Bella are at school, Jocasta works on her large garden.

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-29-25-11

Even the Bachelor garden must be perfect.

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-26-56-33

Michael’s grades are perfect.


Will he soon have the perfect girlfriend?

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-30-47-20

Bella is the perfect child, desiring to spend quality time with each member of her family.

Come on, Bachelors, you have to have some skeletons in your closet. I won’t give up until I find them!

And because none of the SP notices fit in with all the perfection, here they are separately:

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-21-59-15

Finally,  a new male has moved to town!

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-26-43-24

And another female has moved in. She’s not blonde, so don’t look for Gobias in the welcome wagon.

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-42-32-98

In fact, blonde ladies of Sunset Valley, Gobais Koffi is off the market. He and former townie Silvia Heath had a shotgun wedding. Silvia now joins the playable ranks.

While we’re on the subject of babies….

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-22-12-24

“Lachlan” is the third most popular name in Australia. I think Lachlan Langerak has a nice ring. The fourth most popular name is “Benjamin”, and that name was given to Beau and Victoria’s son. If you’re keeping score, there have been four boys born and only one girl.

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-22-08-18

I guess Jared is serious about Ayesha. He married her and she moved in with him and his brother Connor. From the Working Friends household, the only single ladies left are Monika and Madison. Neither is dating anyone at the moment.

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-41-55-89

Judy really hates Pauline Wan, and she’s looking for like-minded individuals. The old saying is true: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Pauline gave me the biggest shock this play session. I missed the initial notice, but every ten minutes, Story Progression pops up a summary of events:

TS3EP03 2011-01-23 11-25-14-54

If you look at the second and third lines, you’ll see that Pauline Wan is expecting a child with Kristofer Doe. By the way, she still lives with Hank! Even if the Bachelors are boring, we can count on Pauline to provide some drama. I wish I didn’t have to wait until the end of the round to get to her house!


Sorry, this entry wasn’t that exciting. The Bachelors didn’t do anything beside go to work, school, and skill. Despite them being a bit boring, I do really like their family.


  1. The attached gossip makes even a boring family interesting :)

  2. Thanks, jungfrun68, I was really hoping so!