Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Round 1: Alvi 1–In the Toilet

At the end of the last entry, I got a note from Story Progression that said Gobias Koffi had broken Iqbal Alvi’s toilet. So, upon arriving at the Alvi house, the first thing I did was look for the bathroom.


Yep, it’s broken. I love you, Twallan!


Me: You’ve got a mess there, Miraj.

Miraj: Last night, some crazy man came over here screaming at my dad. I think he doesn’t want my dad to be friends with Aunt Jamie.

Me: Yeah, I heard something about that. I’m sorry you got stuck cleaning it up.


Miraj: I don’t mind.

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-25-27-43

Miraj: I like cleaning.

Gotta love those neat Sims!

Me: Well, hurry up, or you’ll be late for school.


TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-26-43-99

I don’t know what it is, but most of the student body is late today.


Irene Funke decided to skip school altogether.


Me: Enjoying your cartoons, Iqbal?

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-42-03-29

Iqbal: I’d like to buy the boys a game console, but our funds are limited right now. I also heard the Altos were nearly robbed last night. In their part of town, can you believe that? If I buy a game console, then I can’t afford a burglar alarm.

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-42-12-56

Me: Why don’t you start with getting a nicer TV? I’m sure your sons would appreciate that.


Iqbal: I guess I don’t have any choice now. Why did this have to happen on today of all days? After I took a pay cut.

Me: A pay cut?

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-20-38-23

Iqbal: I’m not cut out for the Business Career. I’m not cutthroat enough. So I got a job at the Landgraab Science Facility as a Test Subject.


Me: VJ got a job today at the Cemetery. Maybe his pay will make up the difference from your old job.

Iqbal: It might, but I don’t expect VJ to contribute to the bills.It’s his money, and he can do whatever he wants with it. It’s been a rough day. Maybe I should give Jamie a call. Talking to her always makes me feel better.

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-29-34-88

Me: Uh, now might not be the best time, Iqbal.

Iqbal: Do you think she’s out with Koffi? That weasel…

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-58-54-75

Iqbal: I mean, I don’t understand what she sees in him. Is it his money?

Me: Well…

Iqbal: What does he have that I haven’t got?

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-40-38-60

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-51-51-82

Me: Apparently, he’s got every single blonde in Sunset Valley.

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-29-00-38

Me: Buck up. Iqbal. There are plenty of fish in the sea. New (brunette) women are moving to Sunset Valley everyday.

Seriously, when are some male townies going to move in?

In case you were wondering, Sun Song Avenue is the street that Pauline, Hank, Claire, and Frio brothers live on.

Me: Iqbal, I’ll see you later. I’m going to check on Miraj and VJ.


Mortimer invited Miraj to come home with him after school.


Cornelia seems to have an unusual interest in her son’s friends. She pounced on Miraj the minute the boys got home. I didn’t put this on her stats page because I only want to show age-appropriate relationships, but she’s best friends with Bella.

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-39-56-62

Oddly enough, VJ is the Alvi brother who wants to be friends with Cornelia. It’s very strange. VJ rolled that wish as soon as Miraj started talking to Cornelia.


VJ should be spending time trying to impress Judy Bunch, since she’s the mother of his closest friend, Lisa.


Me: Criticizing her son is not going to get you on Judy’s good side, VJ.

VJ: I’m not trying to get on her good side.

Me: You should. I think you and Lisa would make a cute couple.

Anyway, back to the Goths…

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-36-49-90

Nick’s quitting the Business career must have cleared the way for Nancy to become CEO. Twallan’s Story Progression Mod has an option to restrict some career levels to a single Sim. So if Nancy’s the CEO, what does that mean for Gunther?

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-36-39-69

The Goth name may have gotten him the job, but it didn’t keep the job.

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-37-57-36

Nick is moving up the Criminal Career ladder. He’s up to Level 2.


While Miraj was at the Goth’s, Malcolm Landgraab dropped in for a visit.

Malcolm: Mortimer, you should talk your parents out of supporting Vita Alto. She’s an evil woman. She will run this town into the ground. We’ll be poorer than Twinbrook!

Me: Um, Mal, didn’t your parents give Vita money too?


Miraj excused himself to go home and have dinner with his father and brother.


VJ: So, Pops, I heard you got a job at Landgraab Industries. Are you going to make a test tube baby with Jamie Jolina?

Miraj: Come on, VJ…

Iqbal: It is all right, Miraj. VJ, you know back home in Al Simhara, a father would not tolerate his son behaving the way you do. I understand that you are angry with me, VJ. I don’t blame you for your anger, but I ask that you show me the respect I deserve as your father.

VJ: Respect? You think you deserve my respect? You let my mother walk out on you, and you prance around town with a woman that is only interested in the size of a man’s wallet. And since yours is small, I don’t even know why she bothers with you. You tell me what the men of Al Simhara would think of your behavior, Father!

Me: Whoa! It’s um, getting a little heated in here. I think I’ll let you finish this discussion in private. I’m off to see the Andrews.


Okay, so obviously, I fabricated that last bit there; however, VJ’s bio does suggest he is angry at his father over his mother leaving.

Here are the SP updates that didn’t fit into the flow of the post:

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-21-39-63

Seriously, Fiona, you should just know better.

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-28-45-99

As if Pauline was hurting for a date…

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-54-58-37

Watch it, Pablo. Svetlana is on to you!

TS3EP03 2011-01-17 17-39-19-14

Oh, it’s something all right, but it isn’t love. I keep checking to see if Hank has been named the Town Casanova, but the role still hasn’t been assigned to anyone.


  1. I wish I was smart enough to get Twallan's mod to work. In that case I might be able to keep my Sims3 interest up.
    However, I'm quite happy with Sims2 still!

  2. Jungfrun68, there are quite a few people who are still happy with Sims 2, and I don't blame them. It's impossible to play a whole neighborhood in Sims 3 without a mod. I am deeply grateful to Twallan because he saved TS3 for me. Without his mod, I would have gone back to TS2 but I would have really missed the open neighborhood and skill journal of TS3. If you have any questions about the mod, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to get you an answer.

  3. LOL at Gobias Koffi macking on all the blonde ladies of Sunset Valley. His 'real' version did have a blonde wife, but I think the jean cut-offs would keep him from getting too 'close' to any females. ;)

    Iqbal's crazy unibrow kills me!

    1. Mao, that is a good point about the "real" version having a blonde wife. I didn't even think about that. It makes it all the more funny now.