Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round 1: Bunch 1–You’re Looking Good

We now come to the Bunch household, and I have to say that I have been looking forward to playing them. They are probably my favorite family in Sunset Valley.


Me: Good morning…Judy?!?

Judy: *gasping* One moment. I just finished a five mile run. Let me check my heart rate.

Me: Wow, Judy, you look great! Seriously, good for you. You have obviously been working out.


Judy: Yes. I’ve been moving more and eating less. I’ve dropped fifty pounds.

Me: Congrats.


Judy: Jack has always been into fitness. He’s been trying to get me to exercise for years. He’s constantly going on and on about the adrenaline rush.  I have to say he’s right. I do mostly cardio activities, but Jack is really into the strength building.


Hank: Mr. Bunch, I gotta tell you, your pecs are sick! I gotta know your secret. I want to enter a body building competition in Bridgeport next summer. Would you train me?



Judy: Our two youngest like to play outside so they get plenty of exercise, but our two oldest are at that age where they only want to stay inside and play video games.


Lisa: Ethan, I heard Mom and Dad are going out tonight for their anniversary. We should totally throw a party.

Ethan: I don’t know, Lisa. I need to study. I have a big chem exam on Monday. Besides, Arlo and Darlene will still be here.

Lisa: Don’t be such a wuss, Ethan. If we let them each invite over a friend, they’ll be cool. Come on, don’t let an opportunity like this pass.

Ethan: What’s his name, Lisa?

Lisa: What?

Ethan: Is it VJ? You know Mom doesn’t like him.

Lisa: It’s not VJ. VJ is just a friend.

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For Lisa’s sake, I hope she means that.


Me: Looking good, Mrs. B.

Judy: Thanks. I feel so nervous.

Me: Why are you nervous?

Judy; I have to ask Jack something, and I don’t know how he’ll respond.

Me: What do you want to ask him?

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Me: Oh, um, good luck with that.


Me; Well, look at you two! You clean up very nice.


Judy: Jack, honey--

Jack: Judy, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Another baby at our age? Judy, do you realize we’re ten days away from being elders? We should be thinking about grandchildren now, not children of our own.

Judy: Jack, you know I’ve always wanted five.

Jack: Judy, do you really want to start over? All of our kids are in school. Do you really want to deal with diapers and baby-sitters and colic and formula? Besides, you lost all that weight.

Judy: Jack, I lost the weight so that I would be healthy enough to carry another baby.

Jack: Would having another baby really make you happy?

Judy: Yes, it would.

Jack: *sigh* Fine.

Judy: You mean it?

Jack: I promised you on our wedding day that I would never deny you anything that would make you happy.

Judy: Oooh, Jack, I love you.

Me: Excuse me for butting in, but I have to ask you one question, Jack.

Jack: Yes?

Judy: How did you know what she was going to ask you? All she said was “Honey.”

Jack: Because I have known this woman since I was fifteen years old, and  in that time that I have known her, she has called me “Honey” exactly four times.

Me: Whoa. Some of the newlyweds in town could learn a lot from you guys.

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Meanwhile back at the Bunch house…


Parker: Come on, Lisa. Are you going to make me beg? When are you going to give me your digits?

Lisa: Parker, you’re so cute.

Me: Cute, but not too bright. Why does he need your digits? He’s standing in your living room!

Lisa: For texting, duh!

Me: When I was your age, we actually used phones for verbal communication.


Me: Ethan, it’s good to see you loosening up and dancing.

Ethan: Bebe’s a great dancer.  *whispering* And she’s really pretty too.

Me: Get her, tiger.


Me: Uh-oh. Looks like Parker is interested in getting someone else’s digits.


Lisa: VJ, just look at Holly throw herself at Parker. I can’t believe she’s putting the moves on my man at my own party.

VJ: Lisa, you and Parker aren’t dating.

Lisa: That is so not the point, VJ. And how come  Bebe is dancing with my goofy brother instead of you?

VJ: She can dance with whomever she wants. We’re not exclusive.

Lisa: Oh my Will, did you just say whomever?

Me: Yes, he did, and he was grammatically correct. Parker or VJ? I think the choice is clear, Lisa.

Well, I have to be going, and you guys need to get these people out of your house before your parents get home. See you next round!

Other SP Updates:

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Xander, a good catch? Think again, Madison. His household is up next, by the way.

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TS3EP03 2011-01-24 23-39-10-25

Remember analogies from the SAT and GRE?

Iqbal : brunette :: Gobias : blonde


  1. Fun with a teenage party!
    And Iqbal is sure getting some!

  2. I can't believe Iqbal and Gobias were the Mack Daddies of Sunset Valley! :)

    1. Yup Iqbal is macking on all the brunettes and Gobias is macking on all the blondes... But who's mackin on the redheads? (Gwen Glover, Claire Ursine, Emma Hatch, Fiona McIrish, Susan Wainwright, Monika Morris, ecc...)