Saturday, January 29, 2011

Round 1: Crumplebottom 1–Mean Girls

Okay, I am going to admit up front that this entry is more about two townies than about Agnes Crumplebottom. She spent the majority of the day working, and then her wishes only revolved around skilling.


Me: Hi, Agnes. It is a beautiful morning for a run on the beach.

Agnes: Everyday is a beautiful morning here.

Me: True. I can only hope that EAxis releases weathers in the next expansion pack.


Agnes: I’m actually here to collect bugs. This is a light beetle. It is uncommon and should net me a good sum.

Me: Oh, you frugal Sim, you.


This is a random shot of the hot air balloon.


After Agnes got off work, I sent her to the Consignment Store to put her bugs up for sale. For some reason, I couldn’t consign them, but I saw she had other bugs already on consignment.

Also note that the Consignment Specialist is Dustin Langerak. I think that is part of Twallan’s mod that playables can fill some of the service positions.

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 19-41-57-42


Agnes herself caught Fiona and Chuck out on the town. Chuck looks very young. Fiona, you cougar!


Agnes also spied Cora Francisco. She starts out the game as the paper girl. While the playables don’t age when not being played, the NPCs still do.


Agnes was reading a recipe book outside the bookstore when I heard someone get slapped. I moved the camera and saw Talia Epperson and Victoria Andrews going at it. I don’t know what started the fight. I didn’t even know they knew each other. Maybe Talia works for the Fashion Police and was slapping Vicki with a citation for that hideous dress.



I can’t decide which one has the meanest stare.


After the fight, Talia sat down and chatted with her roommate, Noemi Foley.


This made me chuckle. Talia and Noemi were sitting outside the theater when Becky Baker got off of work. She gave them both a look that said, “Don’t even think of messing with me.”

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 20-08-49-60

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 20-09-14-59

Both girls have new men in their lives, so maybe they will be more pleasant to be around soon.

Other SP Updates:

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 19-42-01-83

Congrats, Erin and Iqbal. Erin moved in with the Alvis.

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 19-41-01-61

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 20-06-04-39

Emily Ursine-Frio is going to have her pick of men because she’s still the only girl to be born into Sunset Valley. Twallan’s mod tries to balance the male to female ratio. In the young adult category, the women outnumber the men nearly 3 to 1, so I think that’s why mostly boys are being born.

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 19-52-03-97

Even though she’s married, the Town Tart is still doing her thing.

TS3EP03 2011-01-28 20-06-07-05

I actually hope Pablo and Tamara get together. Tamara is Flirty and a Mooch. If any woman can give Pablo his comeuppance, it will be Tamara.


  1. You're right. Victoria does wear a horrible dress! Lol!!! I can't believe she wears that outside of her house! I actually never play Agnes (I never really play any pre-mades, just my own sims), and it was no suprise when you said it was more about two townies rather than Agnes.

    (P.S, pre-made sims working in the Ambitions lots is not part of Twallan's mod. As long as any of the lots (salon, firestation, etc) is any neighbourhood (not just SV and Riverview, even Twinbrook), a random sim will work in one of the lots.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up, Anon. I didn't recall seeing playables running Consignment Shop before installing Twallan's mods, so I thought it was a side effect.

  3. We will soon have to set up a geneaology chart for this hood, it gets complicated! :)

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