Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day One: Meet and Greet (Part 1)

Nervous: Garrett, there are seven gorgeous women anxiously waiting to meet you. How are you feeling, you lucky son of a gun?
Garrett: To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous, Nervous.
Nervous: Dude, what do you have to be nervous about? You're a hot guy. The women are smokin'! It's taking all my self-control not to deck you right now.
Garrett: This may be a competition to you, but this is serious business to me. I could very well meet my wife tonight.
Nervous: Ok, Dude. I see this is important to you, so let's not delay any further. Head on outside and greet and the first lucky lady.
 * * *
Me: For the introductions, I'm going to switch to a first-person narration from Garrett's perspective. I think it will make the events flow more smoothly.
While I waited for the ladies to arrive, I practiced my smile and some greetings in my head. I felt like a complete dork.It didn't matter how much academic and professional success I had. Whenever it came to meeting women, I reverted to that lanky, pimply fourteen-year old dweeb.
I took a deep breath as I heard the first limo pull up.
The first woman took me by surprise. It wasn't her green skin that captivated me; it was her air of confidence. She seemed to be sizing me up, and I reminded myself that this journey was a two way street. Though I could possibly propose to a woman at the end of this show, she also had right to turn me down.
Our eyes remained locked as she approached me. She offered her hand, I offered mine in response...
...and she faked me out!
She laughed melodiously. "Forgive me, I couldn't help myself. You looked so serious, I had to loosen you up."
"I'm glad you did," I said, "I do take myself way too seriously at times. I'm Garrett, by the way."
"I'm Chloe."
She leaned closer to me, and I got a whiff of her citrus-scented body wash.
"Have you ever been with an alien?"
I felt my face turn fifteen shades of red.
She laughed again. "My Will, lighten up! You come find me when you get inside. I'll have a nice, stiff drink ready for you."
"Thanks, I'm sure I'll need it!"
Chloe had barely vanished inside the mansion when the next lady appeared.
My heart nearly stopped because she was gorgeous, perhaps the most beautiful woman I had ever met.
She greeted me with a light kiss on the cheek.
"Excuse me, I need to catch my breath," she said. "I'm so nervous."
I was floored that any woman could be nervous meeting me. "It's ok. I'm Garrett. What's your name?"
She finally smiled. "I'm Nina, and I'm not normally such a basket case! I've had a rough week."
"Well, I hope you'll feel comfortable telling me all about it when I get inside.Just relax and have some fun tonight." 
"Thanks, I will." I watched her go and reflected on how I was able to calm Nina down just as Chloe had calmed me down.
The third woman was a dark, exotic beauty. She had an air of mystery that transfixed me....
Then she opened her mouth. "Oooh, thank Will! You are so cute." She screamed in a decibel that would make any 'tween girl envious.
She ran up to me and gave me a high five.
"I can't believe I did that," she said. "My big chance to make an impression on you, and I high five you! I'm such a twit."
I laughed, "You're a lovely twit. What's your name?"
"That's a beautiful name. I'm Garrett. I look forward to getting to know you better when I get inside."
She smiled and headed into the mansion. I'm positive I heard her arguing with herself as she went, "High five? What were you thinking? Get a grip, Cass!"
Laughing to myself, I turned my attention back to the walkway where the next lady was approaching.
Her smile was infectious, and a warm friendliness emanated from her.
I couldn't help but wave a greeting to her.
The material of her dress swished as she stepped, the sound reminiscent of the nearby waves.
Nervous: Good Will, Dude, you're killing me with the poetry! Can't you just say, "She walked up to me"?
Me: We're trying a new style here, Nervous. Silence from the peanut gallery!
"I'm Tara," she said as she enveloped me in her warmth.
"Hi, Tara. It sure is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Garrett.I'll be sure to see you inside."
The next lady wasn't shy to make her presence known.
"My, my, my. Aren't you a cutie?"
She sashayed towards me, her head held high. She had the poise of a Paris runway model.
"Nervous was right," she said. "You look nothing like him. Praise Will!"
"I'm glad you're pleased. I'm Garrett."
"I'm yours, handsome, anytime."
"Why don't you save these others broads the time and heartache and send them home now?"
I laughed. "You're confident. I like that." It was hard not to stare at her cleavage, especially when she was determined to use it to get my attention.. I am a man, and she had a body that screamed woohoo. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."
"I didn't throw it, sugar. My name is Jessica."
"Jessica, I will definitely see you inside."
I waited until she was gone and gave a fist pump. This night was getting better and better, and there were still two more ladies to meet.
To be continued....

Off-topic Note: I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where the promises of snow usually fall flat. Well, we woke up this morning to about 3 - 4 inches of snow on the ground, and it is continuing to come down. They are forecasting about 12 inches which will paralyze this area! Since I'm not likely to be going anywhere today or tomorrow, that means lots of time for Sims! :)


  1. Jessica is hilarious as always! She's just got no shame, that girl!

    I loved Cassandra making a fool of herself with her high five and everything too. Very funny. :D

    Wow to all of that snow! I've never seen snow (I doubt it will ever snow here in Sydney) so that kind of blows my mind!

  2. Okay, your Nervous is actually good looking, I think. Maybe it's because the hair you picked for him sort of covers his face. (Poor Nervous, lol.)

    Awesome introductions. I like the first person narrative. It's like he's doing one of those electronic journal diaries they always have in reality shows like this.

  3. @Carla, I am really having a blast with Jessica. I played the Belladonna Cove neighborhood when Apartment Life first came out, and I didn't think much of Jessica then, but her personality is coming to life in the Uberhood.

    Regarding snow, our final total was 7.5 inches (19.05 cm). That's way more than this area is used to. I stayed home all day Saturday, Sunday, and worked from home today. Poor hubby had to go out to work in it, though.

    @Lunar, You know, I think Nervous is kinda cute with that hair do, too. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

    And, thanks for picking up on that electronic journal thing. That's exactly what I was going for.