Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet the Bachelor

Nervous: The Bachelor is a new face to the Uberhood.
Nervous: Meet Garrett Farrady.
Garrett: I am very grateful for this opportunity to be the Bachelor. I want to say right up front that I am not out to play a game with these women. I really want to find my soul mate, and I'm praying to Will that she is one of these ladies.
Nervous: Garrett is an up-and-coming architect.
Garrett: I launched my own firm last fall, and it has been challenging but exciting.
Garrett: I designed this home where I live with my parents and siblings.
Nervous: Any plans to design your own dream home, Garrett?
Garrett: It's already done, Nervous. I can't wait to carry my bride over the threshold.
Nervous: Come on, man, don't you think you're laying it on too thick?
Garrett: Absolutely not, Nervous. My parents, Marilyn and Aidan, have been married for nearly 40 years, and they still act like newlyweds. Each one lights up when the other enters room, and they are always affectionate and flirty with each other. I want that in my marriage because I know it's possible.
Nervous: So family is important to you, then?
Garrent: Yes, it's important. I have good relationships with all of my family members, and I'm very proud of that. In addition to my parents, there is my sister Iris. She just joined a high-powered law firm.
Garrett: There's also my brother, Stephan, and his beautiful wife, Jocelyn.
Garrett: But the apple of my eye, is my niece, Samantha. She's cute as a button and very smart. She brings sunshine to everyone's day. Samantha will always have a special place in my heart, but I can't wait to have children of my own one day.
Nervous: Ok, so we know what you do, where you live, and who you live with. What do you like to do for fun?
Garrett: I love music. I play all kinds of instruments.
Nervous: Dude, you sound freaking perfect! How come some woman hasn't already landed you?
Garrett: To tell the truth, Nervous, I've always been a little shy around women. And I've been focused on my career. As important as family is to me, being financially secure and able to provide is even more important. I wanted to be stable so that I would have something to offer a wife.
Nervous: Well, tonight you'll get to meet seven of the Uberhood's most eligible bachelorettes. Best of luck to you!

Finally, Garrett has been revealed! I decided to go with a custom Sim, so that none of the girls would have the advantage of already knowing the Bachelor. Garrett's primary aspiration is Fortune (determined at random). His secondary aspiration will have to alternate between Family and Romance. I'm not sure how much Secondary aspiration plays into chemistry, but it will be Family when he's out on dates, and Romance when we're having a rose ceremony. This is because I need the Smooth talk interaction to hand out the roses.

In keeping with my theme of naming my custom Sims after models, Garrett is named after this model. I tried to make Sim Garrett look like the real Garrett, but I suck at making Sims! I hope you think he's a cutie anyway. :)

I think my formula for scoring the ladies will be: # of lightning bolts * LTR * STR. In the case of a tie, I'll look at interests, and they'll get a +5 for each matching interest. I may have to factor in Garrett's wants as well. I'm glad he's not primarily Family because then he'd probably have wants to marry all of the girls!

Another tidbit: The description of Garrett's parents is how I describe the relationship between my maternal grandparents. For me, they are the definition of soul mates. They were married for nearly sixty years and had nine children and 23 grandchildren. My grandmother went home to be the Lord on November 8, 2005, the day before their 57th wedding anniversary. My grandfather is still alive and still misses her very much.


  1. What a catch Garrett is! I wonder if he's too good to be true though - he seems to have it all, doesn't he?

    I can answer your question about chemistry and secondary aspirations. They don't affect it at all. Laura did a really cool experiment at Lakeside Heights that seemed to confirm it. The one exception is if you give him the Romance Secondary with the Massive Attraction bonus. That will boost chemistry but it's the bonus doing it, not the secondary aspiration. :)

  2. I think Garrette is darn adorable! He does sound flippin' perfect. The girl to land him will be lucky!

  3. Carla and Lunar,

    Thanks! I want Garrett to be a good catch. I just have to make sure I don't over do it, though.

  4. "praying to Will" ha ha ha ha! too funny!

    Great entry..can't wait to see what happens (as I'm catching up).