Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Reveal

Announcer: The ladies are gathered in the living room, anxious to meet the Bachelor, when a mysterious man appears at the door.
Announcer: He slips in unbeknown to the ladies and startles them.
Man: *clears throat*
Tara: You have to be kidding me!
Jessica: Aw, hell no!
Man: Welcome,  Ladies!
Chloe: Nervous Subject! I knew I recognized your voice!
Jessica: If you're the effing bachelor, there is no effing way I'm doing this effing show. I can't believe I bought a dress and extensions for Nervous Subject!
Nervous: Don't get your panties in a bunch, Ladies. Though your response to my appearance is underwhelming, be at ease. I'm not the Bachelor.
The Ladies: Thank Will!
Nervous: I'm the announcer and your host! And now that everyone knows who I am, I can stop referring to myself in the third person!
Tonight, you will finally meet the Bachelor, and I promise you he looks nothing like me. Here's how it's going down: you will each get to introduce yourselves to him separately. Then, we'll have a little cocktail party where you can mingle with him more.I'll join you at the end of the evening for a special announcement.
Get ready, Ladies, because your Prince Charming awaits. But first, we have to introduce the Bachelor to our audience. And one last thing....
Nervous: You ladies are all smoking hot! If you need to nurse a broken heart after this competition, call me!

Ok, this is the last tease, I promise! I will post the Bachelor's intro this afternoon!


  1. Bwahaha, you are a tease but that was fun! I loved Jessica's reaction!