Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tour of the Bachelorette Pad

The lovely bachelorettes will be staying in this home in Bluewater Village.
The lot is Coconut Grove by GiveTheNineARide, and can be found on Mod The Sims. Someone in the comments on MTS said, "I wish I could live here." I have to agree.
Here is the front view of the house.
This is the living room where the rose ceremonies will be held.
This is the kitchen. It's small and cozy. A lucky lady may have the opportunity to make dinner with the Bachelor.
Here's the dining room where the ladies will share meals...and hopefully exchange lots of trash talking!
The ladies can barbecue up some burgers and ribs on this covered patio.

The outside patio is my favorite part of the house. The ladies can relax by the pool, on the massage table, or in the hot tub while listening to the soothing trickle of the fountain...

...and the not-too-distant roar of the waves.  Yes, the Bachelorette pad boats a private beach.
Now that you've seen where the ladies will be living during the competition, let's meet the contestants.


  1. Sweet! Did you decorate it or did it come furnished?

  2. Carla,

    It came furnished like that. I'm nowhere near as good a decorator. :)