Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day One: Meet and Greet (Part 2)

The next woman I met had a mystical air about her.
I was lulled into a hypnotic trance as she approached me.
"Hello, I am Natasha," she said, as she gave me a SimEarthy hug.
"Hello, Natasha. My name is Garrett."
"Garrett, your astral body is very blue. It means you care deeply for your family and friends and long to help them. That's wonderful, but your etheric auric body is quite red."
"That doesn't sound good, does it?"
She shook her head. "It means that you are very positive about the relationship you have to others, but the relationship you have with yourself could use some work.."
"Wow, Natasha. You are very perceptive. I really would like to talk to you about this further."
"Of course, Garrett. Please come find me when you get inside."
My palms started to sweat. I always thought that new age stuff was a load of bunk, but Natasha nailed me.
I turned back to the front to greet the final lady.
She was simply lovely.
She had a charming sweetness about her. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what drew me to her. She wasn't exotically beautiful like Nina. Natasha or Cassandra, or an overdone beauty like Jessica. Not even the next-door girl freshness of Tara seemed an accurate description of her. She jhad an inner light that made her shone, and I longed to bask in it.
Nervous: Again with the poety, Dude?
She approached me boldy but with grace.
"Hi, I'm Garrett."
"Hi, Garrett. I'm Florence, and I have a gift for you."
When I didn't move or speak, she hastily added, "It's a bouquet from my flower shop. I  thought that since you will be handing out a lot of roses during this process, it would be nice for you to receive some flowers too."
I laughed. "I'm sorry for staring dumbly. I wasn't expecting a gift. I'm very touched. Thank you very much, Florence. Why don't we head inside and enjoy the cocktail party?"
When I got inside, I noticed Cassandra playing pool,
so I joined her. I knew she was thinking our introduction hadn't gone well, so I wanted to reassure her.
Before I could get a word in, Nina joined us.
Cassandra wasn't pleased.
To make matters worse, Nina somehow derailed me into a conversation about fashion. She was so beautiful. I could listen to her describe a root canal procedure.I felt bad about abandoning poor Cassandra, and apparently someone else didn't approve of Nina monopolizing my attention.
"Where do you get off horning in on Cassandra's time with Garrett?" Jessica demanded.
"I know you aren't calling me out, Jessica Peterson! You're just jealous that Garrett is paying more attention to me than to your boobs. Don't get mad with me if they were a waste of money."
"Why you little tramp!"
"Takes one to know one, babe!"
The tensions were running high inside the house, so Chloe and  I sought solace outside. She looked so peaceful standing on the beach, gazing at the waves. I again found myself calmed by her presence.
We sat down on the beach and talked. I loved that she had no concerns about getting sand on her gown. "Chloe, I've never dated an alien before, but I want you to know I'm open-minded. My family is too."
Chloe laughed, "Your family will have to be open-minded to meet my family. We're a crazy bunch!"
"I do hope to meet them someday Do you come from a big family?"
"Big doesn't begin to describe it. Let's just say our relationships are complicated. I'll have to draw you a diagram."
I wanted to hear more about Chloe's family, but I noticed Florence sitting by herself. With an elimination coming tonight, I felt pressured to spend as much time with each lady as possible. I excused myself from Clhloe, and headed over to Florence.
"That's a very impressive piece of art you have there, Florence. If there is a sandcastle-building competition, I think the other ladies are in trouble."
"Thanks." She smiled shyly. "Arranging flowers really boosts my creativity."
"I think creativity is a wonderful trait to have. I'm good with the exterior design of my home, but there's nothing like a woman's touch for the interior."
"The floral design work is my favorite part of my business."
"That's right, I forgot we had that in common; we're both entrepreneurs. I value that in you, Florence. You must be a responsible and self-motivated woman to run your own business."
She shook her head, "Well, I am, but that's not the main reason I do it. My parents started that shop. I lost them to a car accident when I was in college. The shop meant the world to them, so it's like having a piece of them, you know?"
I was so glad I had come over to talk to Florence. She truly seemed like a woman I'd want to get to know further.
I heard a commotion coming from inside. Nervous was gathering the ladies together.
"Ladies, you've had the opportunity to mix and mingle with our bachelor Garrett here, but I'm afraid we have some serious business to attend to."
I felt sick to my stomach. "Um, Nervous, could I speak to you outside for a minute?"
"Whatever, Dude."
Nervous followed me out to the patio. "What's going on, dude?"
"Nervous, I just met these women. They all seem to be wonderful women. I just don't know enough at this point to send one of them away."
"So let me get this straight, Garrett. You're asking me if we can skip the rose ceremony tonight?"
"Please, Nervous, I don't want to make a mistake and send my wife away."
"Dude, you're putting me in a precarious position with the producer..."
"Please, Nervous. I wouldn't ask if I was certain who I wanted to send home."
"Ok, dude. Because I think you're sincere, and I'm actually starting to like you, I'm going to help you out."
"Thanks, Nervous-"
"There will be no rose ceremony tonight," he continued, "but you'll have to cut two girls tomorrow. Count 'em. One. Two."
"Thanks, Nervous, I owe you, man."
"You better believe it! Ok, we'll go in and I'll tell the ladies what's happening. Best of luck to you, dude."
I followed Nervous back inside. "Ladies, I apologize for the interruption," he said. "It's quite obvious that tensions and nerves are sensitive tonight. Garrett and I think it's in everyone's best interest to forgo the rose ceremony tonight. No one is going home."
Natasha said, "I think you have chosen wisely. The whole feng shui of this room is not conducive to Garrett making a good decision about his wife. There is a lot of negative chi."
"I have no idea what that means," Nervous said, "but take it up with the set designer. I'm just the host. Anyway, ladies, let's put tonight behind us and look ahead tomorrow when the dating will begin. There will be two dates tomorrow."
"How is that going to work?" Tara asked. "There are seven of us."
"You're right, Tara," said Nervous. "One of you will have a one-on-one date with Garrett, and the rest of you will go on a group date."
"Who gets the one-on-one date?"
"The lady who won the reader contestant selection poll."
"That's me!" Florence exclaimed.
"Congratulations, Florence. Ladies, it's time for Garrett and I to bid you good night. Sleep tight and see you in the morning."

Don't blame Garrett for not doing an elimination tonight. I felt like he and I both needed more time to decide which girl should go. I've already played through the first day of dating, and there will definitely be an elimination afterwards.

As far as Garrett is concerned, I think he has already made his decision. He's even rolled a proposal want. I was shocked that it came up so fast. Garrett is smitten with this girl. He's constantly seeking her out for autonomous interaction. He could be on the second floor of the mansion and she could be out on the beach, and he will pass all of the others girls to talk to her.

And speaking  of "autonomous", I have to keep Garrett frozen with the Freezer Clock most of the time, because the girls keep trying to get him into the bed or hot tub. LOL, horny wenches! I know I can turn autonomy off, but it I'm using it to help me decide who the final lady will be.

Finally, I have to say that I had a blast dressing the girls in their formal attire. It was the most fun I've custom content hunting in a long time!


  1. I love the girl's outfits. Especially Natasha's. That gown is very fitting on her.

    Oh, I'm going to guess that the girl he's already all over is Florence. She's just so sweet, and the way you write about their interactions makes me believe it.

  2. The girls looked awesome in their formal dresses. :)

    Hmmm, I'm thinking Florence might be the one he's rolled the proposal for too, unless you're being intentionally secretive in your writing!

    Even if it is Florence though, these Sims can be so fickle! It could change!

  3. @Lunar and Carla, You'll have to wait and see. :) And Carla, you make a good point. Sims are fickle. He could change his mind by the end.