Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet Tara Kat

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, you've spent the past week deciding which three ladies will join Cassandra, Chloe, Jessica, and Natasha in the Bachelorette house, and the votes are in!
Me: Who are you now? Ryan Seacrest?
Announcer: For the love of Will, woman! Please let me do my job.
Me: Sorry.
Announcer: You were clear who you wanted in your top three. Combined, these three ladies captured over fifty percent of the vote. However, the race between the three was tight. The lead shifted throughout the course of the week. In the final tally, there was a tie for second place, with the winner having a narrow margin over the other two.Let's meet your co-first runner-up...Tara Kat.
Tara: I would be remiss if I didn't first thank everyone who voted for me. I am humbled by your outpouring of support. I am very shy, and when I first saw the ad in the paper about "The Bachelor" contest, I immediately thought, "No way."

Tara: But my friend Jodie was trying out and urged me to join her. Finding the love of my life is my lifelong dream, so I thought why not? I understand Jodie hasn't been selected, and I feel bad about that. I hope she finds someone to love soon.

Tara: I also feel bad about leaving my babies. Mickey, Samantha, and Faline are my rescue cats. They've come to trust me in the few short weeks that I have had them. I don't want them to think I have abandoned them.

Tara: They require a lot of love...

Tara: and a lot of discipline. But they've brought out my nurturing side, and I hope The Bachelor will see that in me. I very much want to nurture a husband and children along with my cats.

Tara: My friend Maurice will be watching my kitties while I'm gone.

Tara: And of course, they'll have each other.

Tara: It will be hard leaving them, but if I find true love, it will be more than worth the journey!


  1. What a sweetheart Tara is! I'm surprised she hasn't hooked up with Maurice - he seems like a pretty cute Sim!

  2. Carla,

    The thought did occur to me to pair Tara and Maurice up. I'm saving him for Miranda Capp, though.

    This Alphabet twist is being just as much a pain to me as it is to the Sims. I almost want to start another version of the Uberhood so that Don and Nina and Ajay and Lola can be together!