Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hank Goddard

Age: Young Adult

Hometown: Sunset Valley

Loves the Outdoors, Great Kisser, Commitment Issues, Charismatic

Favorite Music: 

Favorite Food: Fish and Chips

Favorite Color: Seafoam

Lifetime Wish: Heartbreaker

Career: Wiretap Reader (Law Enforcement - 6)

Family: Daughter - Anna Goddard; Son – Patrick Goddard; 

Friends: Good Friend - Xander Clavelll; Old Friend - Ann Colbert, Madison VanWatson, Jennifer Martinez; Friend - Marty Keaton, Tamara Donner

Flings: Romantic Interest - Dorothy DeMayo,  Ex-Girlfriend - Pauline Wan, Araceli Marcus, Talia Andreasan, Anitra Finkel, Kristine Fultz, Stella Olivera

Fellows: Partner - Dorothy DeMayo

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